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After Closing the Portal

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After Closing the Portal

Post by Inion on Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:36 am

(been meaning to post this losing it. It's what happens to Inion after helping close the portal. It is an open post but doesn't have to be responded to :-) )

Once The bubble was gone from sight Inion's glow began to fade and thankfully Fia and Croga had chosen then to enter. One look at Inion and Fia was at her side in a blink. She had seen her like this before, Inion had been a priestess of the Goddess before the sword and now with it she was even more of a vessal then before. The change in voice and demeanor along with the glow that made her larger then life was a dead give away to Fia that the Goddess had helped by taken over Inion as much as this realm and Inion's powers allowed. Fia reached her as the glow was gone, just in time to keep her from falling to the floor. What Inion had just did combined with having the Goddess, used alot of her energy and now that she had returned to herself it was very noticable. She said nothing for fear that her voice would fall her but gave a nod and a weak smile to everyone and leaned on Fia, letting her friend lead her out with Croga at her other side. Once out of everyones sight, Croga changed into his elf form and carried Inion at a swift run back to the cottage.

When the were safely in the cottage Croga placed her on the couch, covering her with a warm blanket and Fia began making her a special tea. Inion tried to get up to help only to be nudged back down with a gentle but firm hand. She gave in quickly seeing that she wasn't going to be able to win that fight anyway. Fia brought her the tea, it would help her recover somewhat but not completely, and after drinking it all the two friends let her rest while watching over her.

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