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Treats for all (Open)

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Treats for all (Open) Empty Treats for all (Open)

Post by Inion on Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:48 am

It had been quite a while since Inion was around.  Life had kept her busy at home, but things were somewhat back to normal so she took this time to return and spread some love.

To help her relax she baked and with Valentine's Day just around the corner everything she baked was either heart shaped or chocolate or both.  She of course had to share and that is what brought her to the Inn today.  no big fan fare as she entered just quite footsteps, a soft song from her lips and a couple of bags in her hands.

Things seemed very quiet when she came in and moved toward one of the tables people would walk by.  From the bags she had brought with her she began pulling out little pink boxes of fudge and arranged them in little teirs.  Each box held four piece of chocolate fudge.  Once the boxes of fudge were set she pulled out a slightly bigger boxes these held lovely heart shaped cakes.  Most of them were red velvet cake with vanilla frosting and pretty little roses.  There was also white cakes and chocolate cakes.  I pretty handwritting it said on top of the boxes just what was inside.

Once all the boxes were arranged she placed one last thing, a little sign that reads...  

Happy Valentine's Day

Don't be shy please take some and maybe some more for later.

Much love,


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