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For all Guests please go to F.A.Q.s, As well as all posts that are done for the Keep have been moved to the sub board under the Beyond the Inn
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Post by Admin on Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:12 am

Hello Guest and welcome to the StarryMyst Inn!

We hope that you enjoy your time here whether it's in posting, or simply, reading about all that transpires in and around the Inn. If you would like to join us, but are uncertain as to whether or not you would like to create an account, please feel free to use our Guest account!

At StarryMyst, we like to be open to all people who want to play and tell their stories, so the Administration ask you to not abuse the guest account by posting spam, harassing members, or going against the other rules of the board. If we find that it is being abused, guest will no longer be able to post without permission from the Administration. Also, don't change the profile information!

Logging in as a Guest is simple and easy to do - and it will allow you access to one of our Member only features. Use the information below and join in on the fun!

Username: Starguest
Password: starguest20

Thank you, and once again, enjoy your time!

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