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The Aftermath ... {Open, but please read prologue}

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Re: The Aftermath ... {Open, but please read prologue}

Post by JonLouis on Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:42 am

JonLouis was outside of the drawbridge with Willow while Casandra took the people who had fled the castle to the nearest apartment complex for the night. Some of the employees who worked nights or were just not yet sleepy stayed behind to find out what was going on. But they made sure that someone got them an apartment for when they needed to retire for some rest.

Most of the employees who were present partook in idol chatter. But JonLouis stood with Willow and watched into that room from where he stood. There were flashes of light and the scent of blood as well the scent of water and fire. He shook his head as he thought to himself that nothing good was going to come of this. But he was powerless to help.

Movement off in the distance gave notice to Casandra returning from the apartments. He had seen her magically heal the broken arm before. But this was not the time to make mention of it. He awaited her return, not wishing for her to rush. He could feel the power growing in that room and wondered if Eros had finally taken a side.

Casandra was approximately half way back to the castle when the pop was heard and the ground shook below their feet. JonLouis immediately took a knee beside Willow, who flapped her wings a few times to get a couple of feet from the shaking ground. She waited until the shaking stopped before landing again. The employees all fell over and as JonLouis rose, he turned a circle. He could see that nearly everyone in sight had either fallen or at least taken a knee.

Seeing the damage he turned his complete circle and saw pieces of the castle falling from the walls. He immediately ran towards the throne room, though admittedly not at his top speed out of fear of the castle falling down upon him. Emilia crashed through a mental door to call for him. But he was almost there anyway.

He reached the door and stopped. He saw Venis with her hands raised toward the Heaven's. She was holding up the castle. He had heard her yell to empty the castle, and had heard Emilia explain that there were no beings within the walls. But JonLouis knew that Venis had meant more than that. So he turned from the throne room to see a few of the employees in the courtyard.

He looked at the four men and smiled. "You." Pointing at the nearest man. "Get as many of the vampires here that you can. Even if you must pull them from church." Though he thought that perhaps after the quake no one would still be in the church. He pointed to the next man. "You, get as many lycan's here as you can, as fast as you can." The next man stepped forward as if awaiting his orders. "I need the mole people. Quickly." And the last man stood waiting orders. "Anyone else able bodied. We need to move as quickly as we can on this. Go, now." And he turned back to the throne room.

He looked at the women and at Eros. Eros was eating popcorn? The deity always did have an interesting sense of humor. "Belle, Princesse, help is on the way. We will get your treasures out Venis, just hold on a little longer. I will get you volunteers for food." He knew that even if others offered, the chances of her taking them up on it were slim to none. But he would ask for volunteers regardless.

He trusted Willow to keep Casandra out. But there were already able bodied citizens arriving. He directed them from the courtyard. "Vampires, lycan's. I need you to use speed and strength to get furniture out. Save all that you can as quickly as you can." And just like that they all headed for stair wells and rooms that contained furniture. It was a very good idea.

The next to arrive were about two dozen mole people. JonLouis had not been aware that their numbers had reached so high. Just goes to show that a healthy and safe environment was essential to the survival of a species. "In the basement, there are store rooms. Get everything you can carry. Get it out of doors as fast as you can." He knew they were good workers in the dark and closed in areas. They would get it done.

Other able bodied beings were arriving as well. "Get as much as you can carry, do not lift more than you can carry, but do not get light things if you can carry more. Leave the lightest things for those who cannot lift so much. And move as quickly as possible." He had to trust that they would be as efficient as everyone else.

He had a thought and ran to the door of the throne room. "Belle, are you in need of some extra power? I need the mote emptied. Could you do this for me?" He realized that the mole people would not be able to get the vault out. And the only way to do so would be out through the wall and the wet ground around it. So he needed the mote emptied. Then he was going to need earth movers and either telekinetic's or centaurs and minotaurs. Maybe all three.

JonLouis returned to the courtyard to supervise the emptying of the castle. He grabbed a woman who was having difficulty carrying anything larger than linens. "I need the telekinetic's and the centaurs and minotaurs. They are few, but if they can work together then I need their help." He knew that the minotaurs usually kept to themselves, as did the centaurs. Though the centaurs would venture out on occasion. And the two groups lived on opposite sides of the Keep.

Another quick look in on those in the throne room. Venis' injuries were bleeding again. And he could see the strain on her face. If they didn't hurry, or find a way to keep her strength up, she was going to drop this castle. He turned, still in the doorway. "I need volunteers, who cannot work at moving things out, to feed the Goddess." He waited to see if any would step forward. He was also waiting to see if Emilia was going to be able to empty the mote.

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Re: The Aftermath ... {Open, but please read prologue}

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:27 am

((For those who are unaware, I have permission to NPC Venis' husband Kahn.))

Venis knew the moment that beings started entering the castle and moving things out. There was added weight as well as weight shifting about. It was quite taxing on her. Tears of blood began to roll from her eyes to drip to the floor at her feet. She closed her eyes and held with all the power she could pull.

Her wounds that had not already healed were slowly dripping blood. Her arms had dropped a sixteenth of an inch with all the added weight. But the castle was getting emptied. JonLouis was making sure of that. So she could hold on, she had to hold on.

Then she felt it. A being that had been away had returned to this realm. In fact, she could feel so many things that she had been blocked away from. The danger she had been feeling, Gawain, Dre, and Maddie's danger, it seemed to have passed. Kyra's as well. Though she had to wonder if this feeling was nothing more than her senses giving up on her so she could redirect her power to holding the castle up.

Only a moment passed before she realized that she was feeling him. The one who had returned to this realm. And he was coming here. Coming to her, where he belonged. A faint whisper to signal him that she could feel him. "Kahn." Her voice sounded horse as she spoke, but she dared not send a mental link and risk any energy.

The huge silver dragon flew over the Eastern wall of the Keep and came to land in front of the castle. Seeing so many beings emptying the structure of all things within, he chose to land down the road some ways. He swooped in on silver wings and came to land upon the ground on two human legs and a lot of shaking of the ground. "I am here my love." And he began to run towards the throne room.

He rushed past employees and past JonLouis. Into the throne room to stand before his beautiful wife. A turn of his head to see his wife's lover standing present as well as the man's daughter. Now it is true that he had nothing against Eros or Emilia personally, but at the moment his temperament was anything but his best. In fact, his mood was quite foul.

He saw that Emilia seemed to be a little worse for wear herself. So he could asses what had gone on. "What have you done to her?" A question pointed to Emilia, though not necessarily one he would listen to a response for. Besides, JonLouis asked her to empty the mote, so Kahn would leave her to it. She looked like she could use the power boost anyway.

His attention returned to his wife, Kahn closed the distance between them and reached a hand to wipe a blood tear from her beautiful blue eyes. "I did not know, I am sorry. I would have arrived sooner had I felt you in this much danger. As soon as I felt you in pain, I rushed to your side. Could you ever forgive me for not being here sooner?" He touched her cheek with the palm of his hand.

Venis risked a glance up at her beloved husband and made an attempt at a smile. "Tis not your fault my love. Something was keeping me here and most everything else out. I am so glad you are here. I am so very tired." She closed her eyes and leaned her head down again, though leaning slightly sideways into his hand. She knew her voice had sounded wispy and weak, even to her own ears. But she could not, would not, release the castle.

A young woman entered the throne room and nodded to all present. She moved over to stand near Venis and Kahn. She noticed how the muscles in Venis' body seemed to be starting to quiver. She pulled a small dagger from the pocket of her apron and winced as she drew it across her wrist. She held the appendage up to the mouth of the Goddess. "Mistress please, let me help the only way I can." She held her breath for a moment.

Venis could smell the fresh blood that was right under her nose. She parted her lips and closed them over the young woman's wound. Breaking contact with Kahn's hand as she suckled from the woman's wrist. She fed from the woman until her pulse slowed. But she couldn't break the kiss. She needed more.

Kahn pulled the young woman's arm free from his wife's lips. "JonLouis." Spoken in a very commanding tone. The same tone he had used when he had addressed Emilia with the semi-rhetorical question before. He waited for the vampire to come in, then he handed the woman off to him. "Take this one, she has given too much." He knew his wife needed more, but he wasn't sure how many willing mortals there were.

As if on cue, another employee entered the room while JonLouis was removing the young lady. This man was young as well, just barely eighteen. But he was not allowed to remove things from the castle as he had a physical injury. Nothing that could harm the Goddess though. So just like the young lady, he took the dagger and slit his wrist to feed his Goddess.

Three more employees came in and fed her. Each one in turn opening their wrists for her to drink from. With each one, Venis was able to take less and less, so as not to be endangering them all. Five volunteers in total had opened a vein for her. Something none of them had ever done before. But they were all willing to do so.

Kahn looked at his wife with a very upset look upon his face. Her muscles had stopped quivering, the bleeding wounds from the ice spears were healing, but both of those things were physical. She needed more than just physical strength. "This is not working." And no more employees opened a vein for her. "She needs power." And he touched his hands to her waist.

Venis dropped to one knee at the exact same moment that Kahn had touched her. So he was either going to have to come down with her or he was going to have to release her. She shook her head and pushed with her legs. When she had dropped to a knee, there had been shaking within the castle walls. A few more stones had fallen and there was a cracking sound coming from one of the support beams within the room. She had to try to stand again. So she pushed, wincing as she did so, but rising a quarter of an inch at a time.

Kahn had not expected her to fall to a knee. And so he had no choice but to let her go. Four vampires came into the room and lifted her throne from it's pedestal to carry it away. "Hold on dear, they are hurrying." And he squatted down to hold her again. "Pull power from me. You know how, and I have spare. Drink of my power Venis." And he tried to will his power into her body like sending water through a hose.

Venis pulled from Kahn's power. She soaked it in through her skin and absorbed it into her own. After a few seconds she was able to rise again. And he rose with her. But she still kept her eyes closed and her head down. She was concentrating so hard on keeping the castle up. Meanwhile, the four vampires returned to take Kahn's throne out to set it with hers.

Kahn stepped close enough to her that he could place small chaste kisses upon her forehead. He knew it would help, any contact would. So he slid his arms around her waist to hold closer to her. He placed his cheek against hers and let as much of himself touch her as he could. But his power was not going to last forever any more than her's was going to. They would need more.

Holding onto her as he was, Kahn too could feel the movements of the castle. He could feel the bodies moving things and carrying things. She was in the wrong part of the castle to be trying to hold the whole thing up. But he knew she had done what she had to do in an emergency. And he could not move her now, or it would all come crashing down. And with the thought of things crashing down, Kahn dropped to a knee. But he still hugged himself to his wife's body. "Emilia ... If you have the power to help, we could use it." Said as he clung to his wife, growing weak. He knew Eros could help, but he would not ask such a thing of him. Not because it was his wife's lover, but because it would be too much power for just the two of them to handle.
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Re: The Aftermath ... {Open, but please read prologue}

Post by Inion on Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:28 pm

Inion really did not intend to cause the storm, it was just a reflection of her feelings. She did her best to control the the rain she knew that people where exiting the castle and she didn't want them to get wet. She was angry and hurt but she was would push those feelings down for now though by the layer of clouds it was apparent that she was having a bit of trouble doing that totally. Hovering above the clouds was not as easy as one would think so she descended and perched on one of the walls of the drawbridge. The wall that she had asked her goddess to help with was still in place. It was not totally visiable and not strong enough hold up the castle walls. Hopefully it would be strong enough to buffer anything that happened. She could feel the power the two were using, it caused the walls to vibrate and then there it was a loud pop and the ground shook. Inion flapped her wings some and lifted herself off the wall. There was no sluking she stuffed her feelings down more and flew towards the throne room. Glancing around her heart stopped for a moment, seeing Venis struggling to hold up the caste. with a whispered word she entered as lightly as she could she didn't want to add to the wieght. She gatherd as much of her power as she could and moved toward the group. Inion may not be able to hold up the castle but atleast she could add her power to aid Venis. The drain of power showed on those who were helping faces She stepped up and placed her hands on Venis and let go giving her what she had in her. Since she had spent time in the water and had the boost of her goddess there was alot to give. Inion gave of herself without saying a word to anyone.

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Re: The Aftermath ... {Open, but please read prologue}

Post by Emilia on Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:41 am

Emilia looked at Venis as she slumped back to her knees. JonLouis came in; she looked at him and managed to smile. He had to have already been on his way when she called him to have gotten there so fast.

Others had followed him into the courtyard she heard him barking out orders and than there was the sound of people running. They were going in. It was not long before things were being moved out.

Venis spoke now too. If she remembered right Khan was her husband. It was not long before he came in to the throne room. Was he really mad at her? Venis had been rude, mean, and downright hurtful. Now was not really the time to try to stick up for herself.

She shook her head as JonLouis spoke to her. He needed her help with something. Venis had her husband with her now. She nodded and stood heading to the door. She stopped long enough to give JonLouis a quick hug and kiss before she walked out into the courtyard.

She saw Inion as she left the courtyard and looked at the mote. It was filthy except for the spot that her mother had cleaned. She slid down into the moat. She drew in the fresh water until there was no more. That was when she came out of the water. She was feeling a lot better and the bruises from the fight were fading. She looked out over the water in the mote and began to call the wind to her.

"Amin nalla en val en' en sul. Eller a' sinome minya amin...."

The wind started to pick up and her voice became lost in the noise. She raised a hand above her head and began to circle it above her head. The wind began to circle pulling the water from the mote up into it. It took a few minutes but soon the mote was empty. She slowly moved her hand across the horizon toward the wall of the Keep.

Once the water was safely outside of the Keep Em put her hand down and the water crashed to the earth. Em turned back towards the Castle. She was weaker than she had been when she came out of the mote but not as weak as she had been when she left the throne room the first time.

As soon as she came back in to the throne room Khan called to her. They needed help. Even being mad he asked for her help. She moved over to them and touched Venis. It was several minutes before she began to feel the drain. A lot of the power she had gained from the mote she had used to empty it for JonLouis. She was shaking now. She had one option left.

"Father; help us we need more power."

(I call the power of the wind. There to here help me....)

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Re: The Aftermath ... {Open, but please read prologue}

Post by Employees of the Goddess on Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:45 am

The employees were running throughout the castle, each one grabbing up all they could carry. They had no idea why they were doing so, but it was getting done none the less. The vampires and lycanthropes were getting all the heavy furniture from every room. And there was a lot of it. And once they would get outside with it Casie would direct them where to put it.

This whole process seemed to be taking so long. Especially the mole people getting the stuff up from a basement. But they were moving as swiftly as possible. And while the mole people worked at emptying everything from the basement and dungeon, the minotaurs were in the now empty moat. They were heaving heavy rocks from the section where the vault was located. Those who were not heaving stones were digging with large, heavy duty shovels. They were digging down to the wall of the basement of the castle.

Once the hole was dug, and the wall exposed, they began to break through the wall. When the huge steal and cement vault was exposed, the telekinetic's wrapped several ropes around the vault and tied them in several strong knots. The free end of the ropes went over the large wall to lead outside the North end of the Keep. On the other side of the wall was the centaurs. The centaurs used the wall as a pulley and began to pull the vault from under the castle.

The minotaurs pulled the ropes from within the mote. And the telekinetic's also pulled, both mentally and physically. It took almost an hour, but they got the vault out. And once it was on the ground beside the castle the centaurs were signaled and they stopped pulling. They rode as fast as they could to get back inside and back to the castle. Now it was just a question of where to put the vault. But that could be figured out later. Everyone just kept emptying the castle into the fields on either side of it. It was a good thing that nothing was planted at the time.
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Re: The Aftermath ... {Open, but please read prologue}

Post by Eros on Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:13 am

Oh this was getting extremely interesting......not only is there a cat fight going on but things were starting to heat up. He was looking up as he felt the castle was about to break apart. yes, this was definitely going to appear on some soap opera back on earth. The suspense, the intrigue, the passion. It was all there even the mystery of what was going on with the leading lady. Jon-Louis was running back in making sure things were being taken care of asking his daughter if she could remove the water from moat. It gives a new meaning to the word bloated. With that he just smiled as he stood his corner eating what was left of the popcorn. Then came the surprise, Venis's husband Kahn came in like a knight in shining armor. Hell this is going to be made into a movie after the series. He saw a few people trying to give Venis power but it was not working too well. There was Inion and his daughter trying to help, Kahn was giving her as much power as she could handle. But alas still not faring well. When his daughter spoke up to help he just smiled as he pushed himself off the wall and started to walk over to them. "I was waiting for a summons, this should be fun." With that he looked over at his daughter and Inion. "Please for your safety and well life. Please close your eyes. Mortals cannot see a god in true form without dying." There it was again mortality good sometimes, bad at other times. Once he had sure that they had their eyes covered he looked at Venis and Kahn. "Here you go I hope it helps." With that his body started to glow as his mortal shell started to dissipate through the brilliant energy that was coming from Eros's body. In a matter of moments only a bright light was where his body stood. He gently went over to Venis and Kahn. ~Sorry to cut in but this is for both of you.~ With that a tendril of light touched Venis's cheek while another one fell onto Kahns head. The moment it touched them both they would be able to feel just how old and powerful their friend was. It was a odd power, old, strong and wise, it would have felt like sun going supernova before it released its energy across the galaxy. Thankfully the two people he was touching were gods themselves, they would get a hell of a hangover and their wounds would heal but the hangover would be the worst of it.

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Re: The Aftermath ... {Open, but please read prologue}

Post by Casandra Lightheart on Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:46 pm

Cas finished making sure everyone was settled than she and Kjay headed back to the castle.She was about half way there when the ground began to shake. She dropped to her hands and knees on the ground. What the hell was happening? Kjay having four legs instead of two kept his footing but was clearly upset. He growled and ran towards the castle to where Willow was still sitting.

Cas reached the castle and tried to cross the drawbridge. A huge pink clawed hand reached out and grabbed her gently. Willow would not hurt her only prevent her from entering the castle. Cas struggled for a while until she finally gave up. She went limp in Willow's hand and just watched. There was a lot of movement people leaving more coming. They had started bringing things out. They were trying to sort everything but they were making a mess of it.

"Willow put me down; I promise I will not enter the castle."

Willow put her down but kept an eye on her watching to make sure that she did not try to renter the castle. She made sure she was out of the way of the activity but close enough to stop Lady Casandra if she tried to go back in.

Cas stopped a few people as they put things down.

"Wagons. I need several wagons for linens and dishes. Go get them please."

She shook her head. If she could not get in the castle she could help sort the mess the men were making of the items coming out. She began sorting things and putting them in order having men help with the moving of the larger furniture. It took a while for the carriages to get there but as soon as they did Cas began loading dishes and linens into them. Some of the smaller men and a few women helped her sort and load the linens and dished. Some empty chests had come out too. People who could not carry things were packing smaller items into the empty chests.

This went on for what seemed like hours. It was still dark outside probably close to two am. Things were finally starting to come out more slowly.
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Re: The Aftermath ... {Open, but please read prologue}

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:59 am

Inion came in and touched Venis and she could feel the power boost almost instantly. Kahn was already on his knees, and he remained there, even though Venis was feeding some of the power back into him. She couldn't bear the thought of draining them of power. She knew she needed more power from someone or somewhere else. And she was about to ask for it the same way she had asked before. She was ready to call forth more dark magics to aid her. Her only hesitation was what it would do to the two people touching her. She was half evil already, adding more just tipped the scales for her. Kahn and Inion were not as evil as she was, they had their moments, but it wasn't anything like she had been born with.

It was hard to pull enough power from Inion to sustain both herself and Kahn and still hold up the castle, without endangering Inion. Luckily, Emilia came to the rescue. But even that was difficult. So much power. All of it being siphoned through Venis to try and keep them all from draining each other to death. And all this while she was trying to hold up the castle. And now, thanks to JonLouis removing the vault from under the castle, there was a void and the stones of the floor began to drop into that void. There were beings down there. She filled the void with more power. She was failing, her castle was crumbling, and she began to lower to her knees again.

And then there was Eros. Eros was older than recorded time, and more powerful than anyone else in the room. He couldn't touch Inion or Emilia in his true form, they couldn't even look upon him. Venis had left her eyes closed simply because it was helping her concentrate. She didn't know if Kahn took a chance to glance upon the perfection that was Eros in his true form. But she felt his touch, and then she felt his power. And he was giving Kahn a power boost too. And Venis was feeding the power into Inion and Emilia as well. She was the conduit, the focal point, the point of convergence, and the castle stopped crumbling again.

Kahn did take a moment to look and see what Eros was doing. The brightness was nearly blinking, but perfection was the only word that was appropriate for such pure power and energy. There was no physical form to look upon, it was almost like looking into a sun. But the power felt so good. So pure. So endless. He could feel the power entering and leaving his body. But more of it was staying than was leaving. Venis was doing that. She was pulling power and dispersing it where it was needed. If this worked, they would all be super charged and feeling good in the end.

Venis chose to stand again. And she pushed with her legs to rise erect. It was easier this time, but the castle was still damned heavy. She was waiting, thought she wasn't exactly sure what it was that she was waiting for. All she knew was that she couldn't let go yet. She had to hold on. Power to hold up the castle, power to feed into Inion and Emilia, only to pull some of it back out, and power to pull from Kahn as Eros fed it into him, and the power from Eros. All of this power would be choking anyone in the area who was sensitive to it. But this was the only thing that was going to work. She couldn't just feed power into Emilia and Inion or she could kill them. She had to keep it flowing like a constant current.

All this power circulating through them all left Venis open to Kahn in ways that she usually kept under lock and key. Not because of any nefarious reason, just because there were somethings that people needed to keep to themselves to maintain their sanity. It wasn't any place that Kahn hadn't been let into before. They shared a bond that was nearly as strong as the one she shared with Gawain. And he didn't mind the bond with Gawain being stronger, it was a different kind of the same bond. She had showed him all before, but there were some things she simply chose to not broadcast on a regular basis. And right now, she had those things lit up with a neon sign.

Kahn turned his head and looked at his wife. The woman he loved. The woman he had been married to for so long. There was something in her now that didn't belong there. She had tipped the scales. She was no longer the careful balance between good and evil. Something she had done had changed her. "Venis ... What have you done?" He was in shock. Without removing his eyes from his wife, he spoke to Emilia. "I'm sorry Emilia, this was not you. Thank you for not killing my wife." He stared at Venis, knowing she wouldn't answer him at the moment. One reason would be that she never felt the need to justify her actions to anyone, and he knew that. The other reason being that she was too busy concentrating on keeping everyone alive and her castle standing.

JonLouis was out in the courtyard making sure that everything was removed from within the castle and everyone was out. He made sure that the count of the number of people who entered matched the count of those who exited when they were informing him that they had the last of the items. He could feel the power within the throne room, it was making the air stagnant and difficult to breathe. And when the last being carried out the last piece of furniture, he chose to not go to the throne room. Instead, he opted for a very uncouth shout. "All clear Princesse." And he ran out of the castle in the blink of an eye.

That was it. That was what she was waiting on. She felt for JonLouis and Casandra. There they were, she could feel them. They were the only two who were not in the room with her, not touching her. Eros wasn't in a physical form, but that shouldn't matter. She felt them all. ~Casie, JonLouis, close your eyes and do not open them until Eros tells you to.~ Casie didn't usually do mental links, but Venis was a God, and had literally been in her head before. So she would hear Venis.

Once she was sure that they would have both closed their eyes, she turned her head to the left, then to the right. Her neck popped in both directions. Then she held her breath. What she did would have looked to others as a fake sneeze. But when she released the breath she held, they were all outside of the castle. They were even outside of the Keep. She was free. They stood in the field outside of the huge walls. She had even managed to get Kjay and Croga out too.

She opened her eyes and took a deep calming breath. The sounds of walls crashing down and wood breaking could be heard on the other side of the great wall. The ground was rumbling and she knew that her castle was being reduced to a pile of rubble. A blood tear rolled down her cheek. She had inherited that castle a long, long time ago. And now it was gone. She could rebuild. But that was a thought for later. Maybe even some of the same stones could be used in the rebuild. But again, that was a thought for later. Right now, there was one thing on her mind. She needed to find and kill what ever it was that had been powerful enough to trap her within the walls of her own Keep.

She placed her hand on the energy that was Eros. Right where his face would have been. "Thank you Eros." And she left a chaste kiss upon what would have been his lips.

She wrapped her arms around Kahn's neck. "No matter what, I will always love you more than anything." Well, save for her children of course, but he knew that. "Thank you for helping to save me my beloved." And she kissed him. It was a long, and deep and passionate kiss. Their tongues danced and their lips caressed. It was the kiss of lovers, the kiss of the newly in love. A far cry from a kiss that an old married couple such as themselves would have shared. But they had never become that old married couple. Every day was like the first time they kissed, the first time they knew they were in love.

The kiss was amazing. And it served to distract him from finding out what exactly she had done. He knew she had done something to herself. But he had no idea exactly what it was. But apparently it would have to wait until later. He was in no way planning on turning down a kiss from his wonderful wife. It was always magical between them. Every kiss was brand new. Every moment in her arms was like being a teenager in love for the first time. They weren't perfect, but their love was. And Kahn cherished it as much as she did.

She broke the kiss after several minutes. "Take care of our babies." None of their eight children were babies any more. Some of them were over a hundred years old. But no matter what, they were their babies. Of course, Krystal was missing, and so was Terran, even though Venis and Kahn didn't know that yet. And Alex was having some issues that had been keeping him from his parents. But there where five other children between them. And she wanted Kahn to watch over them, as they both always did. But her asking him to was a hint that she was going away for a while. And she wasn't sure if or when she would be back.

She had one last thing to say. "Thank you all, and I love you all very much, please don't forget that." Those were her parting words as she reached out to her side and made a slit through the air with her fingernail. She walked free of those who were touching and/or holding her, and she walked through that portal. A line of fire that came out of nowhere sealed the portal behind her. No one could follow her. She was fully charged, she was overflowing with extra evil that had tipped the scales of her inner self, and she was one pissed off bitch. May the God's have mercy on the soul, or whatever the being had in place of a soul, when she got her hand on whomever had trapped her. She was on a mission, and that mission was to end the being the moment she found it.
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Re: The Aftermath ... {Open, but please read prologue}

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