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Moving to the Starry Myst

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Moving to the Starry Myst

Post by Casandra Lightheart on Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:38 am

(This is being done here to avoid more time warp threads This should have been here in Nov.)

Cas was sitting in her office at Claremount. She had a few things on her mind. Venis had asked her to come to the new Inn. She was sure that twins would not mind it if she did; but they needed to be involved in the decision too.

She pit down the ledger that she had been going over and went upstairs to DJ's room. She was hoping to find both of the twins in the sitting room there.

"No fair DJ; you know I am not as good at this game as you are."

Nat had just died again. What were they doing? Why playing a game of course.

"It is completely fair. You just need to practice more."

Cas walked in and smiled as she looked at them. She loved them and was glad that they were back. After nearly seven years of having had to send them away they were here now and safe. She had made sure of that.

DJ saw her first. He looked up and smiled.

"Hi mom."

Nat paused the game and smiled.

"Mom DJ's cheating."

DJ just rolled his eyes at Nat and put the controller down.

Cas walked all the way in and sat in a chair.

"I wanted see you two; there is something we need to talk about."

DJ nodded.

"Sure mom shoot."

Nat had just finished a book; in this book the parents had sat down just like this to say that the mom was pregnant. So it was natural that she thought that was what her mom wanted; at least she thought it was.

"Mom are you going to have a baby?"

Cas smiled at DJ but looked at Natalie in shock.

"No Nat; I am not having a baby. I am not sure what made you think that but that is not what I wanted to talk to you about."

She took a deep breath.

"I wanted to ask what you thought of having two homes again. Your Aunt Venis wants me to come stay there."

DJ just nodded.

"Sure mom whatever you want to do."

Nat looked at her mom.

"Will I get my own room this time?"

Cas smiled at them; it was no wonder she loved them so much; they were wonderful.

"I am going to get one of the cottages, so yes, you will have your own rooms. Go pack some clothes we can ride out there tomorrow morning."

She got up and hugged both of them before leaving to go to her room and pack some clothes. The next morning they got on the horses and rode out. Kjay followed close sniffing everything. Cas saw it and frowned. He had been agitated over the last few months whenever they were out.

They reached the Starry Myst without incident and Cas dis mounted and walked into the main part of the Inn. She found that Venis had already reserved the cottage for her in her name. So all she needed to do pay several weeks in advance for the cottage and the stabling of three horses. She got the standard no shoes in the cottage speech and agreed to it. She also got permission to put in regular bed in her room and change out the forth room into an office. She promised that all would be back to normal when she left.

Taking the keys she went back out to see that the twins had already stabled the horses and were playing with Kjay in the garden. She called to them to follow her. All four of them went down to the cottage together and began to settle in.
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Re: Moving to the Starry Myst

Post by Emilia on Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:56 am

Emilia had enjoyed the week she spent at the Starry Myst with her mother and Manny. It was still strange to see her mother with a man. She stretched her legs and then stood up from the couch.

"One Inn is as good as another."

She went to where Iluvinus was playing with Hopper and a teddy bear that Manny had given her for Christmas.

"Princess; how would you like to go live in the Inn with your Grandmother and Uncle Manny?"

Iluvenis looked up and smiled as she fluttered up to her mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"I would love to go live there, I love seeing Grandma and Uncle Manny everyday."

"Well than come on, I'll send for all our stuff later."

She called Hopper and opened a portal to the Starry Myst. She stepped through into the reception area and rang the bell. It was not long before they had keys to a suite on the top floor and were up there exploring.

All of the belongings from the old inn were there about thirty minutes later. She unpacked everything and then spent the evening playing games with her daughter.

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