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The knock on the door and the choas that followed

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The knock on the door and the choas that followed

Post by Inion on Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:31 am

In the cottage full of fairies there was lots of merry making already. Since it was Inion's birthday the girls had planned a quiet get together. The only one that grumbled a bit about the fact there had been no Valentine gifts from anyone yet was Juliet. She was a bit disappointed but once they started having cake and ice cream and having fun she totally got over the V-Day stuff.

Of course when the knock came on the door it was Juliet that was the first one there. She almost fell over when she say 5 half naked men standing at the door. When Ary and Shay made it to the door the giggles broke out and the gifts where taken then Fia and Inion stepped up to take thier gifts. Boxes where opened, dresses where shown off and more giggles could be heard from the cottage.

Juliet whispered to Ary about the fact that Inion's invitation said 7pm and thiers said 6:30 and nodded when it was pointed out to her about the presents. A plan had to be figured out as to how they where going to pull off sneaking out early. Looking at the clock they all realized that there was barely enough time to get ready and in a blur they all had scattered to the rooms to start getting ready. It was planned that the 3 younger ones would leave early with the excuse of taking Dia out before the party and Fia would stay to head over with Inion so it wouldn't look too odd. They also managed to need Inion's help enough to make her a bit later then the rest of them.

The 3 young ones grabbed the gifts for the young men the where matched up with, the gifts for Inion that they hadn't given her already and headed out the door with Dia. Leaving Inion and Fia to finish getting ready.

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