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Post by Gwendolan on Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:57 am

Gwen was sitting in her room waiting for Manny to come home. She had no idea what today was; she did not know anything about earth holidays. She was actually reading a book about Christmas. The holiday had fascinated her. She put it down when she heard a knock at the door. She stood and walked across the room to open it. She turned bright red when she saw the half naked man at her door. She was so shocked that she barely noticed the armload of gifts he had for her.

The man came in and placed the gifts on the coffee table. "Lady Gwendolan." He bowed to her and then left.

When Gwen got over the shock she looked at the items. She knew it had come from Manny there was no secret there. She smiled as she looked at everything. The only thing that made her frown was the flowers. She hated for people to kill plats just for a few days beauty. She opened the sat down on the floor like a little kid and pulled the dress box into her lap. When she opened it and took the dress out. She frowned at it a moment. It was a bit low cut for her taste.

She got an idea and smiled as she stood and went to her room. She pulled out a silk scarf that Venis had given her. It was red with a peacock on it. It had gold and green accents. She also picked out a choker from her jewelry box. This Manny had given her. He was always bringing her something that he thought she might like. This one was crystal flowers, with ribbons. It was hanging from black velvet.

She went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. What to do with her hair? She knew she was going to leave it down the six thirty time didn't leave her long to dress. She thought a moment and then took a small strip of hair from just in front of her ears on both sides and twisted them she pulled them back from her face and then pinned it the crown of her head.

She opened the other large box and made a face it the tiny items inside. She had no idea what it was. She picked one up and smelled it. It smelled sweet; was she supposed to eat it? She put a piece into her mouth and smiled as she ate it. It was really good. She took another piece and ate it too before putting the lid back on it.

Gwen took her dress to the room and undressed as she lid into the dress. She put the choker on and then wrapped the scarf so it covered her cleavage. She was now dressed and ready to go to the second floor.

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