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A Visit with Aunt Cas (A log)

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A Visit with Aunt Cas (A log) Empty A Visit with Aunt Cas (A log)

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:55 am

It had been a while since Maddie had seen her Cas. So taking time away from all the crap in her life. She mounted Swifty and headed to Cas's cottage. It had been one of her favorite places to visit. Once there, she demounted and rang the door bell.

Cas was sitting in her living room when the bell rang. She got up and opened the door. When she saw Maddie she smiled and moved so she could come in. "Hello Maddie." She hugged her after she came in and shut the door. "I haven't seen you in a while."

Madeline hugged Casie back, it was good to see her. Maddie had always been able to talk to Cas about anything, and quite frankly she neede a friend. "Hello Cas, nice to see you too. Sorry I haven't been by to visit sooner. Just had alot of stuff going on."

"You and me both." She had to fight calling her little one she was an adult now after all. "I have been thinking a lot lately; it has had me very distracted."

Madeline gave her a smile. "I know the feeling. I was wondering if I could talk to you about what's been going on. I could use some advice."

She nodded. "Sit down and lets see if we can sort this all out." She sat back down in the chair she had vacated to get up and answer the door.

Madeline sat down on the sofa. It didn't take long for it to all come bubbling out. "Geez Cas I don't know where to begin, First of all Dad is back, and back to his normal self again. Airtia and I are at odds, she even punched me in the stomach for taking up for Dad, and I have been having blackouts. The problem is, the last one I had, I woke up near crystal Falls with a man I don't know. OH Cas I feel so terrible. I love Andrew, and I don't want to hurt him, with this, but at the same time, I..I.. don't know." Maddie had started tearing up, it felt good to tell someone.

"I am having man trouble too." She sighed. "Don't tell Andrew anything. If you do it will hurt him bad."

"Madeline looked sympatheicly at Cas. "Im soory Cas..I didn't mean toburden you with more problems. I know I'm still young, but I'm a good listner if you want to talk about it."

"Maddie you forget I was trained to help people with problems."

She smiled. "On No I haven't Cas, I remember being able to talk to you about anything when I was little.

She smiled at Maddie again and sat back. "Airtia is a problem I have no idea how to solve. She is different. As for the blackouts talk to V." That was the only thing she could think of.

Maddie smiled fondly for a moment. "I don't know, Dad said it was just the way she is, and I should let it go, but you kknow I have enough of his stubborness to do that. I think you're right about talking to Venis." Feeling better she changed the subject, "So what's going on with you? What man troubles?"

"I have been sleeping with someone on and off for almost a year now and I think I am developing feelings for him."

Madeline cocked her head to the side for a moment. "Cas, that doesn't sound bad. Lord knows if anyone deserves to be happy it's you."

"There in lies the problem. I do not know if he loves me. When we are alone it is Cas when we are in public it is Lady Casandra. He dosen't see himself on the same level as me because of a stupid title I was not born to."

"Maybe he's just trying to be respectful Cas, Have you told him how you felt about it."

"She shook her head. "Maddie I have known him for thirteen years. He has always been that way."

"But have you told him not to?"

"Yes, it bugs me you know that. half my staff calls me Casandra at least."

Maddie trying to cheer Cas up had a suggestion. "Make him part of the staff?"

"He already has a job with Venis"

Madeline stopped for a second, "Wait.. With Venis?... Who?"

She looked at her and smiled. "Think for a moment you have seen us togeather. Who is the only one of her emplyees that dares to tease me even a little bit."

Madeline thought for a few seconds. "Oh my God!! Ivan? Madeline squeeled like a teenager. "Oh Cas I hope you two work out, You want me to talk to him, or perhaps a spell to make him call you the right thing?" Maddie, much like when she was a little pigtail girl running around, had a certian mischievous sparkyle in her eye

"No, I don't want him under a spell, if it is ment to be it will be but it has to be real." She ment that She didn't want Ivan if he came to her because of a spell. "The twins have even tried to set us up."

Maddie smiled, "Okay no spell, and good for them. By the way did they suceed, any?"

"You should have seen the look on Ivan's face he didn't know what to say. I felt so bad I sent the twins to bed."

Madeline then felt bad for the twins. She remebers full well trying to get her Dad to leave Schala on more than one occasion, and being sent to her room or worse when she was caught. "Awww, they were only try to help."
Madeline leaned back on the couch and sighed. ":I wish I still had that kind of creativity, Dad wouldn't be with Airtia now."

"I know and Ivan had me bring them back out." She sighed. "What am I suposed to do?"

"Honestly I think you need to tell him how you feel. Tell him you're the same person, title or no tile, and that you love him."
Maddie the hopless romantic

She smiled. "That is why I have been so distracted. How do I tell him that? When is it right. I tried to get a feel for how he felt and I made him think I wanted to call it off."

Madeline thought for a minute. "You know, today is Valentines Day. Why not today?".

"Do you want to see what I bought him?"

Madeline felt honored, "I would love to"

She got up and went to the desk pulling out a box from the desk. Inside was a mans watch. It was platnum with diamonds and an emerald face. "I noticed his band was
wearing out."

Maddie gasped, "Oh it's are beautiful Cas."

"Look at the back of the watch." It had an inscroptino on it. "Thank you for always being there for me Love Cas

"AWWWWW Cas, he'll be puddy in your hands. I think you should tell him then."

She nodded. "I have to tell him sometime or I'll go crazy."

Maddie nodded. "I'm glad I got to come by today Cas, this feels like old times... Well except I'm taller now."

She smiled. "Why don't you stay for a while?"

"I would love to Cas, how are the twins doing? I bet they have grown. " Maddie was feeling more relaxed, and much like her old self.

"They have grown. A lot. They are in the gardens with Kjay right now."

Madeline giggled, she used to love to play with Kjay when she was little. "Awww I haven't seen my buddy in a while. With the wave of her hand, Madeline produced three gift boxes. A ipod for both Nat, and DJ, and a big meat bone for Kjay. "Ummm I brought presents for the kids if that's okay?"

"That is fine, I am sure they will love it." She frowned. Kjay never lets us outside without him. He has been acting funny."

Maddie got a concerned look on her face. "Is he sensing something wrong?"

"I think so. Venis must too because she dosen't want me running around alone."

Madeline was getting real concerned now. "Then I would listen., You never know what's a foot."

"I have been, she wants me to carry a cell phone whatever that is. She said she is getting me one soon."

Madeline giggled, she had very little use for such things, since she could speak to most of her friends, telapathicly. "Venis using modern technology? Hard to picture, but if it helps."

"I don't even know what one is."

Madeline thought for a minute, "I saw a rude man in town, not to long ago, talking on some kind of small box with a little antena sticking out of it. Maybe that's it."

"I have no idea she said it will let me talk to her so you might be right."

Madeline laughed. "you know venis keeping up on all the latest trends. I just got where now I like wearing jeans and a tank top."
"Not ready for modern communications yet. Though knowing her, she'll make us all have one."

"If she thinks it will help keep us safe we will have to have one."

"Well if I have to have one, I'm making Dad get one. That way I can bug him." Madeline winked.

She laughed. "Maybe I can bug him too. I miss Gawain."

Madeline smiled. Well I can drag his fuzzy self up here sometime. He is actually doing alot better it seems with his family back. I finaly got to meet my brother, and he's alot like dad. Which I don't know if thats a good thing yet or not."

She smiled. "Two furballs? What will the world come to?"

Maddie laughed. She happened to peek out the window, and saw half naked a man carrying a bunch of packages. "Cas are you expecting a delivery?"

Maddie looked again, and grinned. "From what I can see Cas, I think he's missing a shirt."

Cas laughed and got up as there was a knock on the door. There was a ver good looking man carrting boxes a bear baloons and flowers. "Hello Lady Casandra. I was asked to deliver these to you." He moved in and set them on a table. Seeing Maddie he smiled. "Hello Miss Cauthon, someone will be by with boxes for you as well." Then he left out the door
closing it behind him.

Madeline raised an eyebrow. "Wht ya got Cas, and who is bringing me stuff here?"

"I have no clue." She was just about to open the dress box when the door burst ipen and in ran the twins with Kjay right behind them.
"I told you that was Swifty. Hi Maddie." DJ smiled at her. Ok so he had a crush on Maddie.
"Mom was the man that droped that stuff off half naked?" Nat looked at DJ and shook her head. "He just had no shirt on." She smiled at Maddie. "Hi Maddie." She looked at the teddy bear and the flowers. She also saw the baloons. "Mom who are they from?"

DJ looked at the Ipod and smiled. "Cool, thanks Maddie." He slid it into his pocket and looked at his mom waiting for her to open the box. He had to know who sent his mom love stuff.
Nat opened the ipod and hugged Maddie. "Thanks. I love it." She too was looking at her mom waiting
Kjay licked Maddie's hand and took the bone off to the kitchen area. He knew better than to eat in the living room.

Glad you like it." About that time another topless man came walking up caring packages. The previous man had said hers would be arriving shortly. "I got this one Cas."

Cas waited and shook her head. Who ever was sending stuff made sure it would be noticed. She waited for Maddie to get her boxes to the twins would just have to wait.

Maddie opened the door. "Can I help you?"
The delivery smiled. "Madeline Cauthon I presume?
Maddie smiled. "You presume correctly. "She took the packages from him, and thanked him. She walked back inside. "Well Cas, let's see what we have."

Cas smiled as she found the invitation on her box she opened it up and read it to herself.
"Well mom who is it from?" Dj was looking at her with his arms crossed.
Nat was looking too she was more interested in the dress box then who sent it. She looked at Maddie's things. She had the same stuff only a different teddy bear.

"It dosen't say who it is from." She put it aside. "I am suposed to take you two to a room with a sitter. There is a request that I ware this dress and go to the ballroom at six thirty." She turned it iver. It also said to bring Lady Inion's birthday present but it still did not say who it was from.

Maddie pulled out the gorgeous red dress and held it up. "Wow!! nice. Dad would kill me. I think I'll wear it. She sat the dress carefully back in the box, and read her card. "Mine says the same. Minus the kids. She smiled a nit. "Surprise birthday party?

Cas was opening her box as well. She carefully took out the dress. She smiled as she held it up. "I'll have to get out a full slip to weare this."
DJ looked from his mom's dress to Maddie's. "At least whoever sent it to you made sure you were covered." He liked MAddi's dress but his mom was his mom. "Oh mom it is so pretty." She hated that she was going to miss a party. Why did the adults get to have all the fun.

Maddie saw the look on Nat's face. She to remembered what it was like to be little and wanting to go to the grown up parties. She gave Nat a wink. "You know these things are a little stuffy, if I get a chance, I'll sneek in and we'll have some real fun."

Natalie smiled as she nodded. "Thank you Maddie."
"Wait six thirty?" Cas looked up. "Maddie it is after four." She looked at the heartshapped box and opened it. DJ saw all that chocolate and grined. "Cool sweets." Cas was looking really worried. "How am I going to get ready for a formal event in two hours or less?"

Maddie gave the twins her box of candy. "Here guys you can have it."
"Light! Cas you're right it is getting late." Maddie could easily poof her dress on and be ready. "No problem Cas, I can help.'

Cas smiled as she nodded.She still had no idea who would have sent her the dress. "I could use it." She looked at Nat and DJ "You two go pack for the evening. Maddie and I are going to go get dressed." DJnodded and went to his room. Natalie picked up a piece of candy and ran to hers giggling.

Madeline giggled, this could be fun. She followed Cas to her room. She was in a very festive, hyper, joking mood. "Maybe Ivan sent it."

Once in Cas's room, she took out her stunning red dress, and laid it on the bed. She would wear a pair of bleck stelleto's with it, and just leave her hair, down, and curled. W"What do you need me to do Cas?"

Cas blushed. "I can hope he did but this would be unlike him." She had her dress with her. When she got into the room she looked at her bathroom. Well first I need a shower. There is no time for a bath."

Madeline noddoed, "Well you go ahead, and I'll be ready once you're out. Who knows, this may be your night to tell him." She winked at her Aunt Cas, before Cas headed for the showers.

She smiled and disapered into her shower. She quickly showered washing her hair. She used her lavander soaps and washed her hair with rose scented shampoo. She Got out and slipped into a roab and wrapped a towel around her hair before comeing out.

While Cas was in the shower, she quickly took her clothes off, and changed into her dress. She walked to Cas's Burrow, and looked. She loved the way it looked, she felt, beautiful. She didn't know who had sent her her dress, but she had hoped it was Andrew. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face, when he saw her. She waved her hand and with a little bit of magic, had her hair and make up done. When Cas comes out, Madeline would be ready

Cas came into the room and looked at Maddie. "You look great." She smiled and sat down and began brushing her hair. "I am not sure what to do with my hair." She frowned

"Madeline beemed. Thank you Cas. I'm still kind of getting use to be old enough to go to one of these things, let alone getting ready for one. "She thought for a minute, "What would you like to do with your hair."

"I don't know. Ware it up maybe but not in a dun. Something fancy." She was wishing Sel was home right about now

Madeline standing behind Cas put her arms around Cas and gave her a hug. What ever you want, just tell me....I've kind of learned a few new tricks since last we saw each other.' She gave Cas a wink through the mirror.

"I just don't know. I am nervous. I have butterflies in my stomach." She smiled. "Something different." She thought a few minutes.

"What if we do it parted in the middle and brushed back in the front. In the back crisscross it halfway up the back of my head. Then have it pinned in place with a bunch of curlsthat are looped." She was hoping that she was getting her vision across

Madeline had an idea what Cas was talking about. She grabbed hold of the source, and made a weave. The weave circled around Cass's head, slowly putting her haitr up, the way she had described. Once Madeline was satisfied, she tied off the end of the weave and grinned. Cas, as always, looked stunning. "You mean like that?"

She looked at smiled. "I think that is perfect. It is something I have never done before. I saw it in one of Sel's books." She quickly took her lotion and rubbed it into her legs. She took her robe off and rubbed it into her arms, shoulders, and upper shest where the dress would leave exposed skin. She got dressed in a strapless bra and matching panties before sliding into her dress.

"Maddie will you help with my makeup too? I want something dramatic. MAke my eyes look sexy."


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A Visit with Aunt Cas (A log) Empty Re: A Visit with Aunt Cas (A log)

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 02, 2010 8:27 am

Madeline giggled, she had never been one for the whole girlie make over thing. But she was having fun. "SURE Cas, what did have in mind?"

"Just use makeup to draw more attention to my eyes. tone down the rest of it." Cas had never worn a lot of make up and it was just best to let someone else do it when she could.

Madeline got started, First with the eye shadow, then the eyelaner, then the Mascara. The whole time to use the source to keep her hand steady. When she done, she looked at Cas and smiled. "You are gonna have Ivan following you around like a lost puppy, and drooling to boot."

She looked in the mirror and smiled. "Thank you Maddie." She sprayed on some perfume. She stood up. "How do I look?"

Madeline giggled. "You're quite welcome. You look gorgeous. I gotta a feeling tonight is going to be a magical night."

She smiled. "We shall see." She opened the door and went back out into the living room. "Come on you two lets get going

Madeline giggled and followed Cas.


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A Visit with Aunt Cas (A log) Empty Re: A Visit with Aunt Cas (A log)

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 02, 2010 8:49 am

(( I have permission from Cas mun to finish out thread.))

DJ and Nat had there stuff ready and walked out of their rooms. They both whistled at their mom, and Maddie.

"Nice Mom", Nat commented. "You too Maddie."

DJ looked at Maddie and grinned sheepishly. "Very Nice!! He then looked at his Mom. You are beautiful Mom." He walked over to his mom and gave her a kiss.

Cass took one last look in the mirror,. "Lets go everybody. Maddie, I'll see you there. As soon as I drop the kids off."

When they arrived at the inn. Cas took the kids, and Kjay to the room where the kids would be for the night. "Okay you twwo be good and have fun. Kjay, make sure they behave."

Both DJ, and Nat said in unision, "We will Mom."

Martha greeted them, as they walked in. "Good evening, You must be DJ, and Nat. Miss Iluvenis is having some pizza if you would like to join her."

She looked at Cas with a smile. They will be fine Lady Casandra, have a good time."

Cas thanked Miss Martha, and kissed her kids goodbye. She left the room, and headed to the ballroom.

Nat and Dj, walked to the table, to go see Iluvenis. Kjay walked in to where Hopper was laying on the floor, and gave him a nudge.

It was going to be a night to remember.

((Thread ends))


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A Visit with Aunt Cas (A log) Empty Re: A Visit with Aunt Cas (A log)

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