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A bit of a distraction <open>

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Re: A bit of a distraction <open>

Post by Inion on Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:58 am

Inion listened to Sarah speak of her world and noticed the lok in her eyes. She felt that many times, but for her clan their part of the world was hidden from the human world by magic. One could walk right through it and not even know it was there. They were guardian Fairies and they protected things that most humans only remembered in tales.

"My home, well Ireland is green and lush filled with the glory of the old. The sea draws you in and and sings to your soul." Her eyes took on an almost wild look and if one looked closely they could see the rolling green hills and spray of the ocean on the land. She was truely lost in her thoughts of home. "The land still holds much of its magic you can feel it in everything. In places there is a purity that makes you tingle." A shake of her head caused the majastic look in her eyes to disappear returning them to a more human look. "I am sorry I get lost sometimes when I think of home. I miss it more lately." Taking a sip from her cup to help clear her cobwebs seemed to shift her mood back to the smiling hostess.

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Re: A bit of a distraction <open>

Post by Employees of the Goddess on Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:48 am

Ivan had slipped back into the kitchen while Inion was talking to the man with the black wings. He had gone into the pantry to make sure that they did not need to go to the market in town before lunch. And he was in there quite a while.

Andrew returned with the empty carts after making the breakfast deliveries. He saw Inion sitting with four guests that had no been here when he left. And one of them looked a little scary to him. He wasn't one to judge though.

He left the carts and walked over to the table. He had seen some things in his time, so the being did not get more than a casual glance and a slight nod. As did the other three guests at the table. After all, no reason to be rude.

He stood with his hands behind his back, right beside Inion. One hand came out from behind him to touch her back for a moment, not wanting to hug and kiss her in front of guests. It could be misconstrued. He smiled at everyone.

He figured he would speak as his hand returned behind his back. "Good morning. Is there anything else we can get for you all this morning, refills on drinks or anything?" He waited for any answers. Even though Inion had already helped.

When Ivan came out of the pantry, he heard noises in the bar. Being human only allowed him to hear so much. So he left the kitchen to stand behind the bar. He saw Andrew standing at the table, Inion seated, and four new guests.

He too was a little shocked to see the being that was sitting upon the floor. But it never showed on his face. They were there to work in the kitchen and bar, not to judge others on first glance. Besides, the guy couldn't be that bad, right?

Both Ivan and Andrew knew Inion well enough to know that she would signal them if there was something amiss with these guests. But he spoke, just in case he hadn't been seen. "Good morning everyone. Andrew, were there any problems?"

Andrew looked up and over at Ivan. "No, not today. Everyone seemed to be happy with breakfast. I'm just checking on our guests. I will be along in a moment." He smiled and then returned to his patiently waiting to hear if anyone needed anything else.

Ivan nodded to him. Then he headed over to get the carts. He knew that because Andrew had delivered, he had to retrieve the dirty plates. That was the deal, one took out the food, one picked up the dishes, both cleaned up.
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Re: A bit of a distraction <open>

Post by Inion on Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:27 am

Inion looked over at Andrew when he returned and gave him a smile that would say that she was ok. When he came to her side and rested his hand on her back she felt comforted just knowing that they would have her back if she needed it. One of her hands reached out and touched his arm slightly then returned to the cup she had. She turned and gave Ivan that same smile and since she knew the others at the table wouldn't be able to see it she gave him a wink to let him know things were ok.

"Andrew this is Leviticus, Rebekah, Sarah and Yi." she pointed to each person as she introduced them. "They have just arrived and will be checking in when breakfast is finished. She turned to the four "This is Andrew and the other gentleman in the kitchen is Ivan. Two very helpful men." Her voice ould give away the respect she had for these two men.

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Re: A bit of a distraction <open>

Post by Sponsored content

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