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Blowing Off Steam....Cauthon Style (open)

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Blowing Off Steam....Cauthon Style (open)

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:18 pm

After the family reunion was a bust at Tel'Ranaemyn, Madeline was feeling mad, restless, and just plan needed to vent. So she decided to come visit Andrew. He always listened to her, and just let her blow off steam. Then he would give her advice on how to handle what ever was going on. However, He wasn't around. Madeline normally would sit around and wait for him, but she was feeling too wound up for that. She didn't want to go back to Tel'Ranaemyn either and take the risk into running into her stepmother or her half sister either. So she decided to explore the inn. She left a note for Andrew saying she was around the inn, and when would be around. Perhaps she might even decide to get a room here. It would save on having to travel back and forth so much.

So Madeline set about exploring, she walked around the gorgeous gardens, and around the grounds. Eventually she made her way back inside, and made her way towards the basement when she saw a sign that said gym, and a arrow pointing towards the basement door. Madeline got happy. This is just the thing she needed. Training always made her feel better. She opened the door and headed down the steps, and into the gym. It was huge, and best of all, no one was around.

Madeline walked around, there was gymnastic equipment, punching dummies, weights, everything a girl could need. The only thing that was missing was music. That was something she could take care of her self. Maddie held out her arms. "Appear." In just a few seconds, a boom box was in Madelines hands. She set it on the floor, and put on her favorite song, The Breakdown by Tantric.

Once the music started, she stretched, and began her workout.


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Re: Blowing Off Steam....Cauthon Style (open)

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:42 pm

As the first song ended Maddie finished her waem up. The next song that played was Pain by Three Days Grace. Maddie taped up her hands and wrist then headed over to the punching bag, amd started punching it. Her mind wandered to the events with her stepmother, and she began to hit the bag harder. She was glad her Dad wasn't here, he would have known she lied about being fine with Airtia.

"How dare she accuse me of trying to protect Gawain. I know he can he can protect his self. Hasn't she ever heard of family loyalty? Then the btch has the nerve to put her hands on me? Hell NO!!!"

On that note, Maddie punched the bag so hard it came off the chain. Maddie stopped a minute and caught her breath. She then picked up the heavy punching bag and put it back up.

Feeling better, she went back to Andrews room, and took a quick shower, and changed clothes. She headed back down stairs to the bar to get a drink.



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