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Madeline's story

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Madeline's story

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 02, 2010 2:31 pm

Madeline Cauthon wasn’t happy being made to leave the cliffs when her father, Gawain Cauthon lost his mind. It wasn’t fair to ask her to leave. She wanted to stay and help. After all she was a priestess of the holy isle of Avalon, and had been raised to the level of Accepted in the White Tower. She had power and could help. Even if her stepmother didn’t think she had enough to float a pencil. He was her father and always would be. Just because she was his wife and was bound to him. Spouses come and go, children are forever. Putting her feelings aside and going against her better judgment, she left her father’s fait in the hands of her stepmother, AirtiaCauthon, she left dragging the white wolf with her.

Once they were a good distance from the cliffs, Madeline apologized to Venis for asking her to leave, and told her she needed to be alone for awhile. Venis agreed on the condition Madeline would come visit with her as soon as she felt ready. Of course Madeline agreed. The two women hugged, and they went their separate ways.

Madeline didn’t know how she was going to do it, but she was going to show Airtia, and anyone else that she could hold her own in any situation. For that she needed more power, and she knew just where to start looking. A forbidden mountain called Shayol Ghul. Legend was it was home of the one true power of the Dark One. She knew it was a huge risk, and if her father was in his right mind he would give her the paddling of a lifetime. Even with the knowledge she could be possessed or worse, she went anyway. She spent several weeks up on top of the power meditating Turning all the pent up loss, hurt, anger and rejection and channeling it into a new dark power. The darkness of it was like a strong aphrodisiac,
It made her feel strong and powerful. With power however, comes a price, and it soon became apparent that the price would be her life if she didn’t leave. So she slowly, and not very willing made her way off the mountain. Once down she mounted her horse Swifty, and rode.

As with anything in excess, the dark magic was making her sick. She had observed to much, that everything seemed like it was spinning. The voices in the towns that she visted seemed muffled. Eventually she passed out on top of her horse. To this day Madeline does not know the name of the town she passed out in, or when, or for how long. The only thing she did know was when she woke up she was on Earth in a coven in some little country called England.

England was a gorgeous place. Although the people there seemed to be stuck up and almost snobbish.
A lot of the woman reminded her of her half sister De’Ryanna. Very Prim. Very Proper. And never showing human emotion.

The women in the coven where nice, they gave her food and water, clothing, They also tried to help her control the dark magic in her. But something always kept them at arms length. Madeline had asked one of the seers in the coven to help her locate her father, but all she was told was that he was alive.

Eventually she was well enough to leave, and Madeline true to her word went to see Venis. Venis had always been like an aunt to Madeline. With Venis’s guidance and training, Madeline mastered her new found powers. Venis even treated Madeline to a makeover at a spa. She cut her hair, bought her a whole new wardrobe. They had many numerous adventures together, and grew closer as friends, and family.

While visiting with Venis, Madeline got some time to spend with Andrew Phoenix . Andrew is one of Venis’s employees. Madeline had had a crush on him for awhile, but she was still feeling the loss of her beloved Jonothan. Still time does heal, and Andrew was proving to be much more than a good friend. He had been kind to, and he had treated her like a princess. The one thing missing from her life was her father. How she longed to see him again.


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