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What is Modding

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What is Modding Empty What is Modding

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:53 pm

Cross Role-Playing
Role playing should not incorporate anything from the player's world into the realm. Whatever one knows as a player about other players and their character stays only on the player level and should not cross into their character's storyline. If you did not role play your character learning something or, through prior agreement or storyline develop it has been told, then your character should not know it. Private storyline postings cannot (and should not) become character knowledge unless a mechanism has been put in place for such knowledge to be gleaned by other characters. This is commonly known as Cross Role Playing (CRP).

Moding and Godmoding (often incorrectly spelled as "godmodding") are terms used in role-playing games to describe two behaviors of players. The term comes from the "god mode" found in many video games that allows a player to activate features such as invincibility, unlimited ammunition or lives, or similar power boosts. Other members of the game almost always frown upon God-Moding because it is regarded as a form of cheating against the game's tacit rules.

Moding, Godmoding: What’s the Difference?
Moding is when one player forces something onto another player. This is often seen as players having their character force hits on their opponent in combat scenarios and situations. Another example is dodging or blocking someone's attack when you don't have the appropriate description of how your character moved in order to evade or block it (such as, someone writes how they attacked you and in turn you simply put up "dodged attack" and don't explain how).

Another form of this is when someone else, another mun or the person your rping with, role-plays your character doing something that you wouldn't want them to be doing - like hitting themselves. Any actions forced onto your character, like making them walk around, say stuff, do things, or take punishment/hits (that you didn't type out yourself), is moding.

Moding can also refer to the case where players definitively describe the outcome of their own actions against another character or interactive object. For example, if player A states, "A strikes B and B takes damage", they could be considered to be Moding. Another example of this is when a character is facing multiple enemies and they redirect one foe's attack onto another. For example, Player A states, "B misses A completely, and strikes C instead." This form of Moding is also referred to as "Autoing”, taking control of characters that belong to someone else.

God-Moding is the act of creating or playing with an invincible character or possessing limitless power, etc. (Example: When one plays a character that can never be destroyed, harmed, etc. The character, however, can hurt and/or kill the other characters without giving the other characters a chance.) Sometimes using "perfect" equipment (such as unbreakable armor or weapons) is considered God-Moding unless given good reason as to why, such as some sort of bewitchment, or enchantment. Some players will create a brand new character that is automatically gifted with skills, and nearly impossible to take on right from the start with the character having any back story as to their ability to have these skills. In many cases, this happens when a newer character goes against an established one: the newer player may roleplay his or her character as if it were equal in power and rank to the more experienced one. This is highly illegal in most, if not all, roleplays.

God-Moding can also occur when a player describes an event, or a series of events, their character has taken against another character or interactive object. Most often this is done with the purpose of rescinding negative effects previously encountered or granting some other effect inconsistent with an objective view of the narrative. This is sometimes also termed "Powergaming". For example, a character may be afflicted with a disease only curable by rare ingredients; yet another character is "lucky" enough to find these ingredients in ten minutes. God-Moding is thus often used like a "Get Out of Jail Free card" when things don't go the way a player wants, rather than working with previously unfolded events.

Powergaming is a particular way of playing in which the emphasis lies on developing a player character that is as powerful as possible, usually to the detriment of other aspects of the game, such as character interaction. A player can be described as a powergamer if they presume or declare that their action against another player is successful without giving them the freedom to act on their own prerogative (Moding). They may also be a player who tries to force others to participate in role-playing they don't want to engage in. For instance, a player who unilaterally describes his character as doing something with (or to) another character that would usually require the other to play along — such as having a fight or a sexual encounter — is considered to be powergaming. In some environments this is God-Moding.

(Thanks to Wolf and the Administrative staff of the Tel'Ranaemyn Inn boards for supplying the information)

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