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Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal

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Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal Empty Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal

Post by Lt. Seleen Darkite on Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:29 am

When Shuda and I got up Saturday morning we had already packed for our honeymoon. I had Venis’ huge key ring with all its keys. Venis called it the keys to Earth. It was one of those giant rings that are like six inches in diameter. Upon this giant ring were several smaller ones. Each of the smaller ones had a marker of some sort. For example, the keys to Venis’ holdings in Paris, France had an Eifel Tower on the key ring. There was an Empire State Building for the keys to her holdings in New York, America. It went on and on around the giant key ring until there was barely enough room to pinch it with your fingers and open it.

They key ring was placed in my toiletries bag. I removed the keys for New York before placing it in there. I figured that New York would make a great start to our adventure. After all, I have a love of waterfalls and there was one that was very close to New York that was the definitive destination of honeymooners all over Earth. I was taking Shuda to see Niagara Falls. It was a quick three portals away. Venis loaned us the coach to get to the first portal, which took us from Rhy’Din to Romania. The second portal took us from Romania to Puerto Boiardo, Spain. The third portal took us from Spain to New York.

When we arrived in New York it was close to noon. We made our way from behind a rock formation in Central Park to a rent controlled two bedroom in the meat packing district. That would be our accommodations while we were in New York. The key fit right into the lock without effort as I opened the main door to the building. There was a second key on the key ring. It was to the Harley Davidson Fat Boy parked in the dining room of the large apartment that was at the top of the elevator. They third key was to open the door to the apartment itself.

Shuda put our bags in the spare bedroom. That had been Venis’ one request, that we always sleep in the guest rooms. We spent the afternoon alone in the apartment. We ate, they watched some TV, and we did the things that newlyweds do. It was a lovely afternoon indeed. The next morning we got up and got dressed early. We maneuvered the motorcycle into the elevator and then down the few steps to the road outside.

We took the motorcycle because we had to travel a little ways to get to our destination, well actually, up into Ontario, Canada. It didn’t make sense for us to use a car in New York, the traffic was horrendous. The only way to get anywhere in New York was in a cab or on a motorcycle. I hadn’t thought to ask Shuda if he knew how to ride. But I figured that I was about to find out. We were dressed in riding leathers, with more comfortable clothes on under them. The leathers would be fine in the custom made saddle bags on the bike while it was parked later.

It didn’t take as long as I thought it would to get there. And we had time to get the leathers off and the bike all locked up safe and secure. Once we were done locking everything up we headed over to the dock. There we boarded The Maid of the Mist. It is the oldest running fairy at the falls. The journey out to the falls was slow and lovely. You could see the falls well enough, but it was nothing compared to when the fairy took us right up close to the falls. That was simply breathtaking. I had never seen something so huge and beautiful before. And I think Shuda liked it too.

Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal MaidoftheMistSeleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal NiagaraFalls

We had lunch on the boat and even stopped at the gift shop and bought some cheesy tourist gifts for everyone back home. Venis had said that no matter where we stayed there would always be plenty of currency at our disposal. She had creative ways of hiding it too. So we had plenty of money for the souvenirs and for the nice romantic dinner we had on our way back to the apartment. When we got back we spent the evening much like we had the night before.

The next morning we headed out without the motorcycle. We figured cabs would be fine given we were staying pretty much in the city. We went to the Empire State Building and went to the top floor to check out the view. We took a ride out to Ellis Island and went up in the Statue of Liberty, well as far as they would let us anyway. We visited what is now called Ground Zero. Apparently, a few years back, some terrorists crashed some planes. Two of them were crashed into the Twin Towers. They both crumbled to the ground. I took a bouquet of flowers and left it at a small memorial.

Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal EmpireStateBuildingSeleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal EllisIslandSeleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal StatueofLibertySeleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal 911MemorialB
Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal 911MemorialA

We took a carriage ride around Central Park, we went to Carnegie Hall, and we even visited Broadway. But there wasn’t anything playing at the time that we were there. We went to the firehouse closest to Ground Zero and made a fifteen thousand dollar donation to a charity that was set up to help victims of the tragedy that had taken place. It was the least we could do. It was such a sad tragedy, and so many innocent lives were lost. But it felt really good to give money to help support the survivors and the families of those who were lost.

Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal CentralParkCarriageRideSeleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal CarnegieHallSeleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal BroadwaySeleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal FDNY

It was such a wonderful, adventure filled day. When we got back to the apartment we made sure that we were ready to leave the next morning. Then we spent some time enjoying the apartment and our last night in New York. We were leaving in the morning to go see The Great Lakes. Venis had a few houses that were on the lakes. One was in Michigan; the other was on the border of Lake Erie. I had a map and directions and addresses so that we wouldn’t get lost.
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Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal Empty Re: Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal

Post by Lt. Seleen Darkite on Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:49 am

We headed for The Great Lakes when we left New York. Venis had two houses on the lakes. One was on the coast of Lake Erie, the other was on the coast of Lake Michigan. They were nice little houses. Rather plain and normal. To look at them, you would never guess that they were owned by a vampire.

Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal GreatLakesmap

We chose to spend a night at each lake. During the day time we were mostly at one of the two houses ... Honeymooning. Each night at sunset I took a picture of the lake we were at. It was breathtaking. Our first stop was Lake Erie. I guess there are a lot of fish in that lake. Some fishermen were hauling in some big fish.

Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal Ship-5x4

Lake Ontario is the smallest of the Great Lakes. But that doesn't take away from it's beauty. It was so wonderful to see at night. We had so much fun walking along the shore and enjoying the night air. Even though there were no waterfalls at the lakes it was still a great idea for a honeymoon stop.

Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal LakeOntario

The next night we went to Lake Huron. It was so quiet and peaceful. I loved spending the night there. It was rather unpopulated at night. Shuda and I took full advantage of that fact too. It was a wonderful night. And the water was amazing to swim in too. There wasn't even much of an under current.

Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal LakeHuron

Our next stop on our Great Lakes tour was Lake Superior. I think it's the biggest of the five, at least it looks like it is to me. There was a lot of beach to walk. And there was no way we could walk all of it at a human pace. Of course, we could have ran it, but we would have missed out on some of the beauty.

Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal LakeSuperior

Our last stop was Lake Michigan. It was pretty huge too. But I still think it's smaller than Lake Superior. It was so pretty I was almost sad to leave. But we had other places to go on our honeymoon. But we definitely made good use of our last night on the lakes. They truly are Great.

Seleen and Shuda's Honeymoon Journal LakeMichigan
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Lt. Seleen Darkite

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