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Background information

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Background information

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Sat Jan 02, 2010 9:35 pm

History of Empyrean and Rapture

The story of how two unicorns came to live with a vampire is a rather interesting one, at least to some it is. We can start this story in what the Earth humans call Biblical times. There were some beings that were unaccounted for on Noah’s Ark. Unicorns, Dragons, Centaurs, and several others, were all left out of the stories. Well, this was a simple over site on the part of some people. The animals that couldn’t fly and who were left behind met with those that could. A deal was reached that stated there would be peace amongst the species’ in exchange for the flying beings to keep to the air for as long as they could while carrying the beings that couldn’t fly.

Some of the flying beings couldn’t hold out as long as others, but some managed to make it to the highest peeks where there was enough dry land to rest for a brief period. They would take turns resting and staying airborne. As the waters receded there was more and more land available for resting and therefore longer periods of rest could be had. Eventually a great forest sprang to life. All the unicorns asked to be placed there so that they would have a home of their own. And the unicorns stayed in their forest for centuries. It was the most beautiful place on Earth. There were waterfalls and lakes and trees and just so much beautiful nature everywhere you looked.

As with all things, the circle of life continued in the forest of the unicorns. Babies were born, older unicorns passed away, but life remained peaceful. One day, a man stumbled through a portal and ended up in the forest of the unicorns. When he discovered what a treasure he had found, he began abducting the unicorns at the rate of about one or two a month. No one knew where these unicorns were disappearing to. The unicorns had been disappearing for just over a year when Empyrean and Rapture saw the man come through the portal. He abducted a very revered unicorn. She was considered ‘Royalty’ amongst the unicorns; she had the strongest bloodline with the least amount of tainting from natural inbreeding. None of her ancestors were closely related to the ones they mated with.

Empyrean headed back to where the other ‘Royal’ unicorns to inform them of what he and Rapture had seen. Meanwhile Rapture waited where they had seen the man. When Empyrean returned, he informed her that they had permission to investigate. So they passed through the portal to see what was on the other side. It was a whole other dimension. Empyrean and Rapture tried to stay as inconspicuous as possible. They searched for the unicorns that had gone missing. Especially the one they called Princess Poinsettia, who was the ‘Royal’ that Empyrean and Rapture had seen abducted. It wasn’t long before they saw another unicorn off in the distance.
They watched this unicorn for a short time because it seemed to be acting rather strangely. It seemed that something was wrong with the unicorn.

They searched for several days before the happened upon a grove with several unicorns. They were hungry and tired and even thirsty. So they wondered into the grove hoping that the other unicorns would greet them with joy at seeing a way home. But the food in the grove was inedible for Empyrean and Rapture, though the other unicorns were eating it. The water was undrinkable, though again, the other unicorns were drinking it. And the fact that Empyrean and Rapture couldn’t eat or drink like the others could gave away the fact that they had not been captured and changed.

The other unicorns attacked Empyrean and Rapture at that point. They had no choice but to defend themselves. Unfortunately, they ended up killing the attacking unicorns. As they looked at all the carnage before them, they noticed that Princess Poinsettia had not been in the grove, so they still had to find her. And given how hungry they were, and now they were injured as well, they could only think of one way to survive. They ate one of the unicorns that they had killed. They were instantly disgusted with themselves for it, but they had to survive to find and rescue Princess Poinsettia. Once they had full stomachs and their injuries were starting to heal, they headed out to search some more.

They happened upon a castle some time later. They thought it was the same day, but they couldn’t be sure because there was no actual sunrise or sunset to speak of. Once they found their way into the castle, it wasn’t long before they found Princess Poinsettia. The three of them worked together to try for the escape. But the man discovered them. He was rather odd, it seemed like he had been a wizard once, or something like it at least. In the end, the three unicorns escaped, but the man lost his life in the process. As soon as they were free of the castle they headed for the portal. It took them a few days, but they found it again and made it home to the forest of the unicorns.

Everyone was thrilled that they had returned, and had Princess Poinsettia with them. But as they listened to the tale of the rescue they were horrified. They couldn’t believe that Empyrean and Rapture had stooped to such a low as to become cannibal. Most of the unicorns had said they would rather die than to eat their own kind, others said that they would have suffered through the available food. It was decided that the other unicorns couldn’t trust Empyrean and Rapture anymore. But they had saved a member of the ‘Royal Family’ and that earned them some leniency. So the end result was that they were cast out, but not stripped of their horns or anything else that would be as drastic.

Venis found them a few years later. She saw them eating some grass in a very dangerous area of the Carpathian Mountains. She took them to her castle and then they ‘showed’ her their life story. She was so heartbroken by the way they had been cast out, and because they had to do what they had to do to survive and get Princess Poinsettia. So Venis took them in and gave them a good home. She takes vary good care of them and they have never eaten meat again. They’ve always had the freedom to leave Venis whenever they want, but they love her and are very happy being pampered and cared for, so they stay. Venis knows that someday they will be gone, but they have had two offspring and will probably have more before their time is up, so just like Manny and his family, they will be with her for a very, very long time.
Venis Jordianthan
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Re: Background information

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Mon Jan 04, 2010 3:46 am

The history of Midnight.

Midnight was born Helena Duke. She was born a witch, just like Venis. Helena had a very curious mind, and loved to read. Her curiosity got the best of her when she found some books on black magic. She started dabbling with some of the lesser spells within the book. Most of the stuff she played with only required some candles and incantations. It was nothing too major. But with every casting, every spell, she got a taste of the power she was learning to wield.

So she started to use darker spells, still just dabbling. Some of these spells required the sacrifice of small animals, rabbits, squirrels, and other small creatures. But she began to lust after the power. After a while she was up to spells that required larger sacrifices. And the more powerful the spell, the more she craved the power it was feeding her. She was starting to use the black magic like it was a drug. One morning her boyfriend, who was also a member of her coven, found her passed out in a field covered in cow blood. She was twenty-three at this time.

Her boyfriend had suspected that something was going on for some time, and the cow blood confirmed it. He chastised her for her wanton abandon when it came to the black magic. This simply served to piss her off. He dumped her in the midst of the fight. But as the days passed, she grew more and more angry. They say it was the power of the black magic that caused her pain to fester in such a way. But as her anger grew she felt a need to get even.

She found a spell that would cause the spontaneous combustion of several people in a certain range. All it required was the proper incantation, the people to all be in the same area, and the death of two dozen housecats. So she killed and drained the blood of the cats. She made a large circle with the blood of the cats around the area where her coven was supposed to have their next circle meeting. Then during the meeting, she stood outside of the large circle she had drawn and spoke the words. Then she lit a match and dropped it onto the circle.

The circle of blood went up in flames and closed around the coven’s circle meeting. They were trapped inside and one by one they began to spontaneously combust. Helena stood there and watched as her entire coven died one witch at a time. It was all because her boyfriend broke up with her for practicing black magic. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Helena killed three other covens in the area when they found out what she had done. And with each coven she destroyed, she gained an obscene amount of power. She was out of control when some of the most powerful witches alive, captured her and took her before the council.

If the council were to kill her it would make them no better than her. So they stripped her of her powers and banished her to live out her life as a witch’s familiar. The animal of choice was a cat because of the dozens of cats that she slaughtered in her killing spree. So this angered Helena, and to make matters worse, they stripped her of her name and told her that her new owner would choose a name for her. Because she was such a powerful warlock when she was stripped of her powers, they feared she might find a way to get her powers back eventually. So they placed her with the only witch they knew who was more powerful that she was.

Venis had already become a God when she was contacted by the council. She reluctantly took in the cat, and named her Midnight. For several years, all Midnight did was cry all night and sleep all day. It drove Venis so crazy that she gave the poor miserable cat her own bedroom, and sound proofed it. But after a while, Midnight gave into her fate. Now she’s still a cantankerous crabby snob, but at least now she eats and doesn’t cry all night. She has learned to live harmoniously with Venis and her large circle of friends and family. Venis takes her everywhere, and has grown to love her very much. But tread lightly; because that’s one cat you never want to cross.
Venis Jordianthan
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Re: Background information

Post by Tasha Masterson on Mon Jan 04, 2010 4:56 am

History of Leviathan

Leviathan was born in captivity. There was a small zoo in Rhy’Din that specialized in non-mythicals of Earth. They had large cats of several varieties, marsupials, various equines, mammals, sea creatures, all sorts of animals. Stuff that you would find at zoo’s on Earth. But the novelty of the zoo wore off after a while. And the caretakers resorted to cheep tricks to try to keep the visitors coming.

Soon the zoo had to start letting people go. They lowered ticket prices; they sold off some of the animals to other, larger zoos, all in an effort to stay afloat. The animals that they kept started to fall by the way side. Their care began to lack, they missed feedings, the vet came less and less often, and it was horrible. Animals started dying off, others got so hungry that they reverted to their nature and would escape their enclosures to hunt for food.

When Tasha’s pack was slaughtered, and she found herself out on her own, she happened upon the zoo while she was searching for Venis. She only paid five dollars admission to get into the zoo. She thought it was quite a deal. But once she was inside, she was disgusted. The tanks that once contained such a vast array of sea life were now absent of life, there were even a few floaters that had yet to be removed. There was an elephant graveyard in their enclosure because they had no one to remove the bones. The three elephants that remained were too skinny. The one African elephant looked to be slowly migrating to the graveyard.

She saw several empty enclosures. The areas for the penguins and the polar bears no longer contained glaciers and ice cold water. They had a few floating chunks of ice in water that was barely cold enough to keep them from having totally melted away. And as if her heart wasn’t already broken enough, when she got to the area that had the large cat enclosures, she found Leviathan. She was shivering as she curled up to her dead mother. It was obvious that the mother had been dead a while, there were flies swarming around her.

That was when Tasha decided that she absolutely had to do something. She left the zoo and found a place to hide out. Then in the middle of the night she snuck in. She had already checked into it and had found out that the zoo still had theft insurance, though it was the only insurance they still had. That was part of what she did while she hid out for the day. One of the other things she did was arrange for trucks. She went through the zoo as quickly and quietly as possible. She freed all the animals and had them loaded up into the trucks.

The last animal she got to was Leviathan. All the others were loaded up and ready to be taken somewhere where they would be better cared for. When she picked up Levi to carry her out to the truck the little Black Panther cub curled up in her arms and purred herself to sleep. Tasha fell in love with her instantly. She sent the trucks on their way and kept Leviathan herself. She headed straight to some nearby woods to find some food.

The zoos owners collected the insurance and used the majority of it to give their remaining employees a small severance package. They used what was left to support themselves until they could find work elsewhere. The animals that had been trucked to other zoos and reserves were well taken care of as they were nursed back to health, save for the African elephant and a pair of Bengal tigers. They didn’t make it. Tasha has been taking care of Leviathan ever since. They are practically inseparable and take care of each other the best they can.
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Re: Background information

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