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Playing "Canon Characters" or Gods

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Playing "Canon Characters" or Gods Empty Playing "Canon Characters" or Gods

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:50 pm

* "Canon Characters". "Canon Characters" are characters that were created by someone else for a different reason. These characters are usually well known by others in the real world. This category includes, but is not limited to, comic book characters, cartoon characters, God's of Earth Mythologies, television characters, and movie characters. You will find several places in Rhy'Din that do not allow such characters into their RP's. This is not the case here. In an effort to not discriminate, we allow "Canon Characters", but we have rules set aside for them. You must play them as they are known to be. For example, you cannot take Superman, call him Superman, and play him as a crazed serial killer. Because he is a Super Hero, not a Super Villain. At the same time, you cannot take Medusa, and play her as Medusa, but as a bubble gum chewing bouncy Princess all dressed in pink. This is not how they were created and if you are going to play them, play them true. There is nothing saying that you cannot give them your own personal touch but if it goes against everything that the original creator of the said character made that character for, then it is not allowed, period.

* God's in and of Rhy'Din. The is a rule in some parts of Rhy'Din that states that if you are not on the list of The God's of Rhy'Din, you are not a God. We believe a little differently here because we understand that there are other God's from other worlds and there are also God's of Rhy'Din who have just not been added to the list as of yet. If you play a God who is a "Canon Character", than you obviously play a God. If you play a God who is a listed God of Rhy'Din, than again, you obviously play a God. But if you play a God who is neither of these things, how is someone to know that you play a true God? Very simple. If another player of a God choses to acknowledge your character as a God, than it is so. Or, if IC, another God chooses to acknowledge the other being as a God, than again, it is so. But for all intents and purposes, unless you play a God of Rhy'Din, or you are acknowledged as an honorary God of Rhy'Din by a God of Rhy'Din, than you are a guest in Rhy'Din as a God of another land. Please remember to act accordingly.

We do not have a list of God's that are already taken or a list of God's that are available. If you play a character who is a God already, and you are not on one of these lists, than you should contact the nearest God of Rhy'Din and ask about how to remedy this. But we respectfully ask that you do not just say that your character is a God to get on a list. If you are to be considered for a list, you will be required to show proof by means of story line and explanation and references when possible. We would like to avoid any 'instant God's' please. There are twenty-seven listed God's of Rhy'Din, including several God's and Goddess' of Death, they are:

Seifer ~ God Of Bandits (Evil)
Lexi ~ Goddess of Dark, Light and the path of souls (Neutral)
Gotha ~ God of Valor (Good)
Amente Quri ~ Goddess of the Sun (Neutral)
Barjin Akkuris ~ God of Magic (Good)
Duo Maxwell ~ God of Death (Neutral)
Tyger ~ Goddess of Death (Neutral)
Gabriel Lucard Daine ~ God of all Races (Neutral)
Ryu Juini ~ God of Dragons (Neutral)
Venis Celestial Sanderson Crow Asgard Jordianthan {Vampire} ~ Goddess of Fire and Protection (Good and Evil)
Srival UhSoth ~ God of Death (Neutral)
Jynx Amen-Ra Romheart ~ Goddess of Love (Good)
Khryseis Dulambor ~ Goddess of Birth (Good)
Phrost ~ God of Ice (Neutral)
Reno ~ God of War (Neutral)
Raes ~ God of Tyranny (Neutral)
Chad Rukes II ~ God of Chaos (Evil)
Azlin Zoi ~ Goddess of Animals (Neutral)
Girl ~ Goddess of Retribution (Good)
Ryu Darkstarr ~ God of Thunder and Lightning (Neutral)
Shimshill Tanyen ~ God of Time (Neutral)
Koz ~ God of Strength (Neutral)
Valrek Dranor ~ God of Wisdom (Neutral)
Lord Gawain Cauthon ~ God of Nature (Neutral)
Beatrix ~ Goddess of Slaughter (Evil)
Ka'Lourin ~ God of Repent (Neutral)
Hazuki ~ God of Energy (Good)

There are currently three honorary God's of Rhy'Din, they are:

Kahn Jordianthan {Vampire} ~ God of Ice and Death (Good and Evil)
Dreconis Dragonis-Darkmane ~ God of Wind and War (Neutral)
Emilia Tyson ~ Goddess of Lust (Good)

And we currently know of five God's of other lands visiting Rhy'Din, they are:

Eros ~ God of Love, Lust, and Fertility (Neutral) {Greek}
Thor ~ God of Thunder (Neutral) {Norse}
Loki ~ God(dess) of Chaos (Chaotic) {Norse}
Amora ~ Goddess of Asgard? (Neutral) {Norse}
Frey ~ God of Mediation? (Evil) {Norse}

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