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{†} The Priest Comes Empty {†} The Priest Comes

Post by Priest on Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:41 pm

( I'm sure that if this needs to be moved the admin will do it for me. I just wasn't sure if this should have been in the nuptials thread or not . . . )

Nearly everyone at the Basilica had been bewildered when the request came out that a priest was needed to perform the rites at a wedding where one of the beings getting married was a vampire. General consensus was that it violated some sacred law of God and why was a Priest being called upon for the task in the first place? Good question. Vampires were human to at some point and perhaps some of them still held on to the moral fiber that many mortals had and wanted something normal.

Even so, the other priest of this establishment were already set on not doing it but did not know to turn down the request. That's when they remembered the other guy. He had always gone against the grain in seminary, wondering about the spiritual condition of nocturnal creatures instead of focusing on their eternal damnation and spent his time with folks who were less then seemly - it was even rumored that he dabbled his fingers in the other pool. How he passed was anyone's guess so when they were faced with this request he was the one they sent to answer it.

Known only as 'Priest' his appearance, with his white and black spiky hair and the double leather collars on his neck with silver rings in them, was suited more for a grunge bar then any ceremony. No matter, people judged to much on appearance anyway and the way he dressed he got into a lot more places than the other conservatives. The beaded red rope that strung together the metal clinchers around his grey robe beat against his legs as he walked up the hill that lead to the Everlasting Inn. That was where he was going, the Japanese style castle on top of the hill. Take off a few of his items and tie back his hair and he might even look like be belonged there. The wedding was today and he was prepared, the book they were all given hung on a cord inside his robe. He didn't need anything else with him but who knew what he had inside his red leather arm guards.

In a few he was there at the Inn and making his way to where the wedding would be. How'd he know? It was on the invitation.


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