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The sacred nuptials of Shuda and Seleen

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Re: The sacred nuptials of Shuda and Seleen

Post by Eugene Fillabuster on Fri Oct 30, 2009 4:47 pm

Eugene rose when he was supposed to, sat when he was supposed to, watched the ceremony quietly, then rose when he was supposed to again. All in all it was a very lovely event. He was happy for Shuda. And he was glad that he was going to get a chance to meet Seleen. He saw that there were men jumping at the chance to have a lady on their arms. It made him chuckle. He saw that there were some ladies who were unescorted. So he walked over to the first one, a blonde woman (Alicia), and offered her his arm. "Hello, I'm Eugene. May I escort you to the reception?"

He waited to see if she was going to take his arm before he headed up to the Inn to go to the reception. The ballroom was only on the second floor, so the stairs should be fine. So up the stairs, to the ballroom, to find the assigned seats. It was going to be a long night, and he was definitely glad he took a long nap before coming to the wedding.
Eugene Fillabuster
Eugene Fillabuster

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Re: The sacred nuptials of Shuda and Seleen

Post by Jimmy Ray on Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:07 pm

Jimmy Ray had been t' weddin's b'for. He knew how t' b'have. So he sat quietly enjoyin' the festivities. When the shindig was o'er he figured there'd be a hoedown after. So he got up and headed t' the Inn like e'eryone else. But there was a lady who din't have a man t' walk 'er up.

He headed o'er t' the perty brunette that was a stayin' on the same floor as him at the Inn an' offered her his arm. "Would the lady like an escort?" He waited t' see what she would do b'fore headin' up.

E'eryone was headed t' the second floor. The Jimmy Ray haaded fer the stairs, still not trustin' that hole in the wall. Up t' the second floor and int' the ballroom with e'erone else.
Jimmy Ray
Jimmy Ray

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