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General Rules and Guidelines

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General Rules and Guidelines Empty General Rules and Guidelines

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:47 pm

Thank you for coming to our message boards for your Role Playing {RP} pleasure! Role-playing on a message board Is different then playing in a chat room or an IM. It gives you a chance to make your Story Lines {SL's} a little more detailed by giving you a chance to do a little more writing. This allows for more creativity. But even if you do choose to RP in a chat room or an IM, you are welcome to post a log of it here as well.

We welcome any and all to our RP's. But we do ask that you follow a few simple rules in doing so.

* Watch the language. These message boards are rated PG13, you will find a definition of what exactly PG13 is in the F.A.Q.'s section. Extreme violence, strong language, and adult situations are frowned upon. There are some words that are still PG13, but some are very much not. So if your post requires such things, please do us the favor of posting an out of character {OOC} warning at the top of your post. And please make sure you include it on every post that needs it, unless your warning states that it is the entire thread.

* Show respect. Some people spend a lot of time and put a lot of thought into their posts, in fact, you will find that it is most everyone who does. So please keep that in mind. Don't berate or belittle others for their posts. Not everyone is on the same level as a writer, but everyone puts their best effort into their work. If you have an issue with someones work, have a private conversation with the person, and be nice about it. If you feel there is something you can do to help them, offer the help. But do not talk down to them. If you feel that you cannot RP with that person any longer, than find a way out of the thread and don't join another with them involved. Also, be respectful of the titles of threads. If something is marked closed, private, invite only, or request first, then please honor the wishes of the other muns.

* Have manners. If you join a SL and something happens that prevents you from completing that SL, please let the other person(s) know. Even if you are going to only be away from it for some time and would be able to return later. There are ways to deal with this. For temporary absences, you may offer a pause, provided the other person(s) involved don't mind a time warped thread. Or you can simply post your way out of it. But if you are gone without notice for longer than a week, your character will be considered out of the SL by means of returning to their room or other such reason.

* Be nice. The following things will not be allowed on the boards. Discrimination of any kind. Racist comments about muns or about characters. Sexual harassment of muns by other muns. Miscellaneous verbal attacks of muns, or the attacks upon characters in an OOC environment. a person has any problems with another person then talk to them about the subject in IM's or Private Messages {PM's}. If an issue cannot be settled by the involved parties to the satisfaction of both, then, and only then, should it be taken up with the Admin. If you're old enough to RP than you're old enough to act like an adult.

* Use consideration. 'American English' is the most common language upon our boards. You will find most, if not all, posts made in that language. Now, some muns, and even some characters, speak other languages. If you choose to post in another language, please be considerate enough to post a translation as well. We will have translation sites available, but they are not the same as a native speaker. Also, 133t, SMS, and txt (e.g. - c u l8tr!) are not acceptable languages for IC posts. Let's leave those for the OOC section if at all.

* No Moding. This includes, but is not limited to, Moding, God-moding, cross role-playing, and powergaming. You will find an explanation of all of these terms in the F.A.Q. section as well.

The Administrative staff of the board has the final say in all issues. So if you cannot work your differences out amongst yourselves, then you will be forced to abide by the ruling of the Admin.

We would like to thank the administrative staff of the boards for the Tel'Ranaemyn Inn for allowing us to work from their boards to help us in making these boards.

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