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A deal's a deal. {Log} Empty A deal's a deal. {Log}

Post by Tasha Masterson on Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:53 am

Ha'Ruil was up and walking around. He took a shower and got some clothes on. He sat on the bed and smiled as he leaned down and kissed Tasha on the lips. "Come sleeping beauty, its time to get up and go."

An arched eyebrow lead to an eye peeking open. "Go?"

He smiled. "Yes, remember, we are suppose to go to that Tattoo parlor I think you call it?"

She yawned and stretched. "Oh yea. Ok, let me get a shower and get ready." She flung back the covers and smiled as she crawled over him to get off the bed.

He looked at her and then gave her a light smack on the butt. "Tease"

She just laughed as she headed into the bathroom. She took a shower and then patted herself dry with a towel before she came out of the bathroom to get dressed. She chose a pair of tight, low rise blue jeans, a cropped, green tank top, and plain heels that matched the top with a four inch stiletto heel. She ran a brush through her hair and did her make-up, then she was ready to go. "Ok dear, I'm ready to go." She smiled at him as she grabbed her purse.

He waited for her, giving Levi a scratch behind the ear before getting her a treat. Then he got up smiling as he saw Tasha. "Don't you look as lovely as ever."

She smiled and blushed as she headed for the door. Levi was planning on bringing her treat with her. She definitely loved it when Ha'Ruil gave her attention. It made her feel like she wasn't in the way. And Tasha loved that the two of them got along so well.

He smiled as he walked over to her. He put his hand into hers and looked at her. "Ready to do this?"

She chuckled. "You're not scared of needles are you dear?" She headed out into the hall.

"By the God's no." He smiled as he walked with her. "But what about you?"

She smiled. "Not at all. Though, I do know that this is going to hurt something fierce. It's a rather sensitive area to pierce." She wasn't scared, just knew she was in for some serious pain followed by sensitivity issues for a while.

He smirked as he kissed her cheek. "More fun for me." He chuckled a little before they got on the elevator to head down to the first floor.

She smiled when he said that. "Yes, more fun for us both, after they heal." Yes, there was always a catch.

"Fine, fine ..." He chuckled as he heard the ding of the door and they walked out of the elevator. They walked outside and went down the ramps of the Inn before hitting the road to the town. "So ... After this what do you want to do?"

She thought about it for a second. "Hmm, not sure. Let's just play it by ear. And let's take the carriage, otherwise it's a long walk." She figured they would be rather tired when they got there if they walked, and extremely tired when they got back. The carriage would be more comfortable and she wouldn't be taxing Agrarian with taking two such a distance or taxing Leviathan with so much travel.

He chuckled as he nodded. "That is fine dear." He got up to the carriage and opened the door for her. "After you dear." After she got in he told the driver where they wanted to go. After that he got in and sat beside her.

As Tasha had been saying that they should take the carriage, she was sending two text messages on her phone. One was to Manny that they needed a driver, and the other was to Paul, who was supposed to be on stable duty. So when they got over to the stables, she was not surprised to see that they carriage was ready and that Ivan was sitting there ready to drive them. "Thank you dear." As she stepped up into the carriage, Levi in tow. It was a four seater carriage of black wood. The velvet seats held two people each and were green with diamonds, ruby's, emeralds, and sapphires as the buttons that held the velvet in place. The metal work on the carriage was all one hundred percent gold. It was a very ornate and decorative vehicle. What would one expect from the Goddess who owned it?

As he sat down he smiled. "Ok, well, this is very comfy to sit in." He put an arm around her pulling her close. His hand drifted to her mid section as he started to flick at her belly button ring.

She crossed her right leg over her left and watched as Levi jumped up to lay down in the other seat. When he put his arm around her, she leaned slightly to the side and against him. Then he started to play with her belly button ring. "Behave dear. This isn't a coach, there's no privacy." She laughed.

He smiled as he gave the ring a light tug. "Fine, but you owe me." He then put a smirk on his face as he slowly placed his hand on her stomach. He now just waited until they got on the road.

She arched an eyebrow at him yet again. There was a smirk on her face as well. "Oh I do, do I?" She had that teasing tone to her voice. "Ok then." She left it at that, the tone might leave him wondering though. But now that they were out on the road and headed down the hill she snuggled up close to him and was enjoying the sites, and any small talk along the way.

They were talking until the carriage stopped. When they stopped he looked around and saw the tattoo parlor. "Well here we are dear." He opened up the door and walked down and held his hand open for her. "This should be fun."

"Levi, wait here please." She smiled as she took his hand and stepped down from the carriage. "Thank you dear." She headed for the door of the tattoo parlor with his hand in hers. Once inside the loud heavy metal music could be heard clearly. But it wasn't so loud that they would have to yell over it.

"Welcome to New Haven Tatt's, how can we help you today?" The shop had only been open for about an hour. So Sly was just getting things set up for the day. He was willing to help customers though.

He heard the God awful noise that was suppose to be music. Let him listen to a harp, it sounded better than this stuff. It was like a nail across glass. But he would not mind it for the short time they were there. He smiled as he looked over to the guy. "Um... We are here to get a couple of piercings."

Tasha smiled. If she was ever in the mood to clean, he would probably want to flee the building. She liked the music, but she figured to him it was not too pleasing. "You can start with his tongue." She needed a moment to get her bearings before she was ready to brave the pain she was in for.

Sly smiled. "No prob, so his tongue and let me guess, something a bit more private on you doll?" He figured it was something like that given the way she volunteered him to go first.

He smiled as he nodded. "I guess I am going to go first." He leaned over and kissed her on the lips. "Ok here we go." With that he let go of her hand and started to walk over to the guy. "Um, ok, where is this done?"

Tasha returned his kiss before she sat down in a chair to watch. "No silver please, I'm allergic." She crossed one leg over the other and prepared to watch her boyfriend be tortured.

Sly smiled and then nodded to the lady. "No silver, got it. Ok, sir, if you will come sit down right here." He motioned to the chair that was normally used for back tattoo's. "Face the back of the chair and straddle the seat please." This way there was a way for him to hold onto something if it started to hurt too much.

He looked a little worried, but not a whole lot. "Ok then." He did as he was told as he straddled the chair. He put his hands on the edge of the seat looking up at the man. "So how does this go?"

Sly smiled. "Well, give me a second to get my materials ready." He pulled a clamp out of the freezer section of a mini fridge placed near by. He set it on a clean towel he had just placed on a table next to the chair. Then he got the needle that was still in a sealed, sterile, plastic casing. He put that on the table as well. Then he got out a barbell that was 2 mm and put it on the towel as well. Then he sat down in the chair facing him. "Ok, stick out your tongue please." He placed the clamp on his tongue and then pulled the sterile needle from it's packaging. He moved back on the tongue about .75 inches and stayed centered He pulled out a little tube of a clear jelly that had the label missing. He squeezed some out onto a paper towel. Then he used a wooden stick with a cotton tip to apply some of the goop to the tongue. He waited a few seconds for it to begin to numb the tongue. Then he used the needle to poke a hole from the bottom of the tongue up through. He made sure to go right in front of the lingual frenulum. Once the needle was through, he dropped the barbell in the hole, removed the needle and screwed the ball on the other side. He had of course been wearing rubber gloves, which he waited to remove until after the clamp was removed. "There we go." He tossed the gloves in a trash can and the needle in a haz mat container.

He saw the guy put all that stuff on the table and his eyes went from one thing to another. The barbell was sterile, so that was good. So when he was told to stick his tongue out he did. He then felt the clamp on his tongue. He was still looking as the guy took the goop and put it on his tongue. He felt that part of his tongue go numb thinking. ~Does it really hurt that bad?~ And then he saw the needle and his eyes widened. That was suppose to go in his tongue? Well he was already there so no point in stopping. And that was when he felt the needle go through his tongue. He did grip the chair a little bit, not much though. And when it was all over, and he was able to close his mouth, he felt some blood, which he sallowed. He nodded to the man. "'ank 'ou" Yes his tongue was starting to swell.

Sly nodded. "Yea, no problem man. Wait four weeks and come back by to pick out your smaller barbell, the one you'll wear the most often or any decorative stuff. But the swelling needs to go down. In the mean time, chew on ice and drink lots of cold water. If you drink anything other than water or if you eat anything, wash your mouth out with mouth wash afterwards to keep the hole clear." He started to clean up the work station dropping the clamp in a pot of boiling water he had on a hot plate. He would wait to charge them until he was done with her.

He just nodded as he listened to the guy talk. He got up and walked over to her. "Yur 'urn." Now he had a smirk on his face. "I 'an' 'o see 'is."

Sly was already setting up for her piercings. "Tight jeans and a tank with no bra gives you away doll. Come on over here and we'll get you fixed right up." He had sterile needles and everything all ready laid out for her.

The slight bit of apprehension because of the anticipated pain made her endorphins race. Which was a good thing given it would help lessen the pain. "Yes, my turn dear." She got up and walked over to the chair where the guy was set up for her and she sat down in the chair. She wondered if it was really going to hurt as bad as she thought it would.

He smiled as he walked over to the two of them with a smirk on his face. "'an I 'i' 'er 'ea'y?" Oh yes, he had an idea to get her ready. He then chuckled.

She looked up at him and chuckled. "Go sit down dear." She hadn't expected that, so she shook her head and laughed.

Sly chuckled when the guy asked that. "I think that it might be more sanitary for me to do it. Get asked that a lot though." He couldn't help but chuckle a little more.

He smiled as he crossed his arms. "'ah 'ah I wou' 'ike 'o s'ay an 'a'ch." He was still smiling the whole time he said that.

She shook her head and laughed some more. "You can watch, but sit down anyway please." If he stood over them like that, it would make her nervous, which would be bad.

Sly raised one side of her tank top and gave the area to be pierced a pinch. He had already put on clean gloves. "You want to be numbed doll?" He pinched again for good measure.

Tasha thought about the offer for a half a second. "Na, I'm good." She braced herself and waited for the pain.

Sly nodded. "Side to side?" He looked up to see what the boyfriend had to say.

He nodded. "'at is 'ine" He was moving his tongue around a little feeling the ball touch the roof of his mouth. He looked around for a chair close by and he smiled as he found one. He was about ten feet away as he sat down and looked intently at her.

She drew in her bottom lip for a moment, those endorphins were racing though. She nodded as well, and now she was ready.

Sly opened up the needle and pinched the area again. Once it was pert, he stuck the needle through from right to left. Then he got a 16 gage ring and slid it through the hole. He screwed the ball in place and wiped away any drops of blood with a wet nap. Then he lowered her shirt and raised the other side. He repeated the process of pinching then sticking the needle through. Once he had them both done and cleaned he lowered her shirt back in place and took off his gloves. "There you go doll. Now be careful, given your size, there will be some added pleasure. Make sure you keep them clean." He started cleaning up the work station before he headed over to ring them up. "Ok, that's forty silver for the tongue, sixty silver for the other pair, so one gold. Now with the tongue, nothing oral. It could cause a serious infection. And you're gunna have to keep your hands off of her for about six weeks man. She needs time to heal too." He looked over at her and smiled.

His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "'ix 'eeks? Wha' 'in' of fun am I 'uppose to 'ave un'i' 'hen?" He smirked a little before looking at her, hoping that he did not get smacked.

He could hope all he wanted as the back of her hand, more specifically her fingers, met with his chest. Yea, she smacked him. But she did so while shaking her head and laughing. She got into her purse to get out a gold to pay the man. "Thank you." She offered the guy the gold as she thanked him.

Sly chuckled. "You get to ice her down when she starts to hurt. If you don't have an ice pack, use like frozen corn or peas." He took the offered gold and put it in the register. "You guys have a nice day, come back anytime." He wondered if they could come back to get other work done or just the four week barbell change on the guys tongue.

He smiled as he nodded and then looked at her when she smacked him. " 'ust 'ou wait. 'ou 'will get 'ours" He smiled at the man. "'ave a 'ood 'ay." With that, he put his hand into hers and walked back out to the carriage.

She chuckled as they left. "I could be real mean dear, I could pick on you for how you're talking. But the laughter would probably cause undue rubbing and they already hurt like hell and are swollen." Yea, she was already feeling the discomfort. She was so ready for that super-human healing ability to start working.

"Well 'ear, I cou' a'ays 'o a 'irty 'rick, shif' and shif' ba' an be a 'ealed up." He gave her a smirk as he slowly got back to the carriage and then helped her into it before he got in and sat next to her. "'ome p'ease." With that he put his arm around her pulled her close.

She cut her eyes at him. "Be nice baby." She smiled and carefully leaned against him for the ride home.

"I am 'ear, I am." With that he closed his eyes, the pain was starting to come with the piercing, but that was fine. He tried not to talk much as they got taken back to the Inn. When they got there he opened the carriage door and helped her out and he waited for Levi to come with them. They walked back into the Inn, to the elevator, waited for it to open, got in, got to their floor, and headed to their room.
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