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Wondering and Exploring <ope>

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Wondering and Exploring <ope> Empty Wondering and Exploring <ope>

Post by Inion on Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:15 am

Everything was unpacked and put away, giving Inion some time to herself. It was late afternoon by the time she had decided to go exploring, but that didn't bother her at all. Of course Croga, in his white tiger form, was at her side when she walked. It worried her just a bit that the animals that lived in the gardens would be frightened of him, but in no time they would be use to him wondering, just like he animals had in the other places they had lived. Once in a while her hand would reach out and touch his head and he would lean closer to her, thier way of holding hands as such.

They walked quietly for a while, stopping now and then to look at different plants or just to look around. The quiet gave her time to think. She needed something to do, something to keep her mind from going crazy. As she recently discovered, Venis was here and that meant the employees would be running the kitchen, so her plans to ask the inn keeper if there was any help she could give there seemed pointless. Though she still considered it, she loved cooking and baking and of course planning. She and the girls actually had a business at one time as party and wedding planners. She decided that she woulod still talk to the inn keeper and also Venis, she didn't want to step on anyones toes.

It was sunset when she came across a beautiful waterfall. The orange of the sun bounced on the water, catching her eye. "well Croga this seems like a lovely place to stop and watch the sunset." He responded by bumping her hand and giving her a soft purr. Making herself comfortable she relaxed and watched the play of sunlight on the water.

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