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Bad Dream (Invitation Only)

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Bad Dream (Invitation Only) Empty Bad Dream (Invitation Only)

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Fri Aug 07, 2009 2:23 am

((This thread will be running parallel to a thread on the Tel'Ranaemyn boards. It is also called Bad Dream (Invitation Only). This is where you will find the back story. From this point on, all posts will either be made to both threads on both boards, or be cut and pasted into the post that follows. That way, everyone can read the whole story as it plays out. It is also tied into A Return (Invite Only). Though, we are not double posting that one yet. It's going to run a little slower. So please, enjoy.))

Venis and Tasha had gone to where Venis had thought she had felt Gawain. It was a false alarm. Though, they had come across one of Venis' old friends who was pretty powerful in his own right. With a promise to come back and catch up later, she opened a mental link to Madeline to tell her it was the wrong being and that she was about to search again. But as she went to open the link she started getting flashes of images. And not all of them were pretty. She grabbed her head and doubled over.

What ever Madeline was doing, she was pulling a lot of power to do it. And some of that power was being pulled from Venis the second that she opened the link. Some of the images were easier to focus on as she cried out in pain. She could see Gawain in his Hybrid form. She could see Madeline sitting by a window. She saw De'Ryanna standing in Madeline's room, she saw Benjamin. But the image of Benjamin wasn't in focus. She saw blood and all sorts of things were coming in in the color blue. She had no idea what was happening, but she didn't like it.

Madeline had used the locater spell to find her father, and in fact had found him in his other form, with Benjamin, and that wasn't good.. This time was different some how. Usually when Gawain was in werewolf form she could always feel his human side, you could even see it in his eyes. But this, this was totally different. Her father didn't even look the same. So she decided to use a strong communication spell she learned on Avalon, to see if she could reach him.

The problem was that Benjamin had detected her. She knew he would probably sense her, and more than likely kill her, or hurt her in some way. And in fact he had dealt her a serious blow that spontaneously shorted out her nerve endings through her central nervous system. Before she blacked out she managed to send a mental cry out. "VENIS HELP ME!!" Then Madeline fell out on the floor in convulsions.

Madeline's cry was heard. And Venis knew the reason for it. As she fell to her knees she felt a lesser version of what Madeline had felt because of the open link. "Tasha ..." Venis was curling up on the ground in a fetal position. "Madeline ... Needs you ..." She was fighting the effects of the backlash of the backlash.

Though, she was unsure of it's source. But soon it was over and the images stopped and all the was left over was the residual headache. She pushed herself up with her hands as she stayed sitting upon the ground for a moment.
"Go, get Madeline stable, don't let her die Tash."

Tasha knew it had to be pretty serious for Venis to be sending her. So she shifted into her panther form, not caring about the ripped clothes or the fact that when she got back to the Inn and Maddie's room, she would have to shift back and be nude. She simply took off in the direction of the Inn.

Venis waited the length of a few breaths and then pushed herself back up to her feet. Whatever Madeline had done, it was strong. And one thing resonated above all else. Gawain was pissed. So she figured that her best course of action was to find him and find him fast. And she had an inclination that perhaps this form would not be the one to find him in.

So as she took off running, not knowing why she was headed that direction, she hurdled a bush and when her feet touched the ground on the other side, they were the four paws of a solid white wolf with ice blue eyes. Venis was a shifter vamp, and only Gawain and one other would know her in this form.
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