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Character Profile

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Character Profile

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 07, 2009 1:33 am

Name: Ilúvënis Tyson

Age: 7 Birthday: May, 20th 2002

Background: Adoptive daughter of Emilia Tyson. Granddaughter of Eros, and Gwendolan

Personaity: Somewhat shy. She enjoys her family, and her friends. Her main hobby is finding a Mr. Right for her mommy


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Re: Character Profile

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 07, 2009 1:53 am

Name: Madeline Cauthon

Age: 23

Background: Madeline was born to a very poor family in one of the smaller villages of Rhydin. One day when Madeline was nine, a group of robbers came to her tiny village, and robbed and murdered her family. Madeline managed to escape the attack with a broken arm and badly bruised body.
One day, Madeline wandered in to a recruiting tavern of a guild called The Society of The Blood Rose. She had only stopped for a glass of milk, and maybe a bite to eat, but what she found was a wonderful group of friends who took her in and made them a part of their family. Her foster father is Gawain Cauthon. She doesn't talk too much of her foster mother, Schala, because while her father was away, her mother sent her off to Glastonbury to be taught by then nuns, but some how she wandered into the Mists. Little did she realize that it was her destiny to be trained by the Priestesses of Avalon, and to serve the Goddess.

After finding out her foster father Gawain was in fact her real father, she returned to Avalon to complete her training and was made full priestess. She also traveled to Tar Valon, to train to be an Aes Sadi. She had just been raised to Accpeted, when she had to leave on a personal mission. She is currently in a relationship with one of Venis' employees, Andrew.

Personality: Sweet, kind, eager to help others. Loyal to her friends, and family. She does have a soft spot for one of Venis's employees...Andrew I love you

Madeline's horse Swifty:

Madeline as a little girl in the Society of The Blood Rose

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Re: Character Profile

Post by ~*~ Azlin Zoi ~*~ on Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:05 pm

* Remember this is all OOC... please do not take anything you learn here, and incorporate it into the RP. Thanks!

Name: Azlin Zoi

Age: A lady never tells

Azlin was born to Zeus and Aphrodite. Her childhood was rather hard for Hera had been trying to kill her from the moment she learned her parentage. Not that Zeus was one to keep quiet about his newest bundle of joy, and if asked he would be hard pressed to say another was his favorite. From the time she was born she was the apple in both of her parents eyes. For a period of time her life was pure bliss, Hera had seemed to forget about her. Then came her sixteenth birthday, when Hera had a bigger plot, obviously it did not work for Azlin had seen through the ploy. It was then that her parents set her down together, explained about Hera, and how Az was never going to be given a fair shake and asked if she wanted to go where she wouldn't have to worry about her step mother.

That would be how Azlin came to be in Rhy'Din. She has a large white tiger, Krystal, whom she communicates with, and who has been her protector for many years.

Once reaching Rhy'din she has had many many different experiences, that perhaps you might get her to share with you sometime. She is currently just loving life, and fluttering where the wind blows her. She is always happy to make a new friend or three.
~*~ Azlin Zoi ~*~
~*~ Azlin Zoi ~*~

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Re: Character Profile

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Fri Aug 21, 2009 11:31 pm

Name: Venis Celestial Sanderson Crow Asgard Jordianthan
..........The Vampire Goddess of Fire and Protection
..........Natural Born Witch
..........God of Rhy'Din

Female/ age 332/08-28-1676
Background: Venis was born a witch. Her father was a warlock, her mother a white witch, causing her internal struggle between good and evil to begin at a very early age. She was turned into a vampire at 21 when she was fleeing her home. She spent about a hundred years raining terror down upon the lands with her sire and an army of vampires. She was granted Godhood in order to defeat her sire without perishing herself. She moved to Rhy'Din at age 320, she met her first husband there. Gabriel Crow was a werepanther who was very cruel to his pack when Venis wasn't around. When she left him due to his masochistic ways, he lead the pack into slaughter. It was about five or six years later when she met her second husband. He was a techno-elf named Zane Asgard. Shortly after meeting him she joined The Society of the Blood Rose. Zane abandoned her within a few months of her joining the Rose. He hated everything about it because he was never even able to enter the grounds. Shortly after she had their marriage dissolved on grounds of abandonment she met Kahn Jordianthan. He is her third husband, and she loves him very much. She was abducted when Christmas shopping one day, and that's how she ended up here. She has four children from before Kahn. They are Alexander Sanderson, Terran, Krystal Crow, and Dreconis Dragonis-Darkmane, her only natural born child. Long story. Then she has her step-children, Kahn's children. She loves them all equal and would die for them or kill for them just the same.
Persona: Venis is in constant battle between the good in her that comes from being half witch and a God and the evil inside her from being half warlock and a vampire. She is relatively good natured, but don't get on her bad side. She has the ability to feel the pain of all who are around her. Emotional or physical pain, she feels it. She also creates and controls fire. To amuse herself and others she likes to make diamonds. She is confident, yet humble. She knows who she is and what she can do, yet she knows also what she must do ... for eternity.

She protects all she can, from whatever harm may be. Ignite her spark and you shall see.
She is a lover of all beings, great or small. But let anyone cross her and they will fall.


((Not her best pic))

Name: Midnight {Helena Duke} ((NPC))
Gender/Age: Female/ age 153
Background: Midnight was born Helena Duke, a witch. She gave in to dark magics and turned warlock. Her doing so would have been forgiven were it not for the atrocity of murdering her entire covenant in cold blood. Before she was captured she had destroyed seven covens robbing them blind and murdering men, women and children alike. She grew in strength with every life she took as per her pact with the devil himself. So when she was captured she could not be killed. The only alternative was to give her eternity in the trappings of an animals body. She has mellowed over the last hundred years. She knows that she can never be freed from her imprisonment within the cats body. Never again to speak, or use her hands. So she has given in to her fate.
Persona: Midnight is cantankerous and crabby and snobbish as all cats can be, only ten fold. She prefers to simply lay around all day and do nothing. But she is vile and over protective when it comes to Venis and her friends and family. She will be nice to anyone who comes around so long as she feels they are of no harm to her or her family, but if she feels someone is a danger, her claws are a lot bigger than one would think.


Venis Jordianthan
Venis Jordianthan

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Re: Character Profile

Post by Inion on Sat Sep 05, 2009 11:12 pm

Profile for Inion

Name: Inion de Solas Geal - meaning Daughter of the Bright Light or Daughter of the Moon
Age: 2,100 in human years give or take a year or so
Race: She is a fairy -- mother - Fairy father - Elf

Description: stands 5'8', silvery moon white hair, pale skin, eyes a soft shade of purple that change depending on mood. Wears a glamour to hid tribal markings and make others more comfortable around her and of course pointed ears. Her wings are normally hidden or folded behind her, when open they tower over her head by a fot and touch the ground, they are translucant and shades of purple.

(sorry i couldnt get the pics to post)

History: When people think of fairies they normally think of the pixies that are see in books, Inion isnt one of these, she is a Guardian Fairy. They are a race of fairies that are more human or elf like and tend to be guardians of the forests they live in. Her clan is all women, when a boy child is born they have the traits of the fathers. This doesn't mean there aren't anymen just that none are fairies. Her clan has protected a quiet glade in Ireland since time out of mind. Those humans that live within the forest and the outskirts that surround the glade are touched by the magic of the fairies and live in peace with thier magical nighbors.

Inon was concived on a full moon and born on a a night of a full moon. Her race of fairies are born with the coloring of the time of day and month, sun colors for those born in the day, night for those born at night and of course time of year effects color also. Even with that in mind Inion doesn't look like any other fairy in her clan she is a full moon fairy and those are very rare. She felt like an outcast most of her life, give that and that she was the daughter of the clans Queen only made things more difficult. Yes Inion is truely a fairy princess but she doesn't like to talk about it much. she wasn't an only child though, she had an older sister who has past away, another topic Inion politely avoids, and she had a younger brother who was half human, he lived a long life and died in battle. Her parents are still alive but not together, their union was more to strengthen the allaince between the fairies and the elves. SHe has one daughter at this time a beautiful spring sunset fairy, her father was Inion's first love that was killed by a dragon on the day thier daughter was born. There have been other loves since then but few have had her heart. She first came to Rhydin for a new adventure, that she found among new friends and a love who stole her heart. She was taken in the night by the Elders of the Light, but now she is back in Rhydin to help keep her safe. To tell her whole history would take along time since given her age she has had lots of adventures and stories.

Special Powers: she was trained as a healer and a warrior, Her magic goes beyond the normal magic. There is no bounds to it. She is now the keeper of the Sword of Light that once she learns to control ts power hers will be restored and stronger. Also her smell is different to each person shes around. Its a comforting smell, some have said she smells like popcorn or the ocean even like candy. She does have a weakness and thats chocolate.

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Re: Character Profile

Post by Inion on Sat Sep 05, 2009 11:13 pm

Croga's Profile

Name: Croga Ra - meaning - Moon's Shadow
Age: About 2,000 years ol
Race: Gray Demon

Description - Well he hasn't been seen in his true from in centries. He prefers his elf form which looks like he could be Inion's brother. Other forms includle a large white tiger and a white falcon. There maybe others but for no these are the 3 he chooses the most.

History - Inion found him half dead and nursed him back to health. Since then he has always been at her side. he protects her and watchs over her like a brother. He has been on many of her adventures so he has lots of stories. Currently he is single, but loves the ladies. He wont leave Inion's side for anyone though. He is quiet and calm and can be a bit of a snob at times. Just don't try to hurt his mistress, he has been known to kill to protect her.

Powers - Shapefhifting and fire magic. Being in the fairy realm he has picked up a bit of illusion magic as well.

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Re: Character Profile

Post by Inion on Sat Sep 05, 2009 11:14 pm

Dia's Profile

Name - Dia - means 'Beauty'
Age - well a bit older then a year

A bit about her - She was born on a farm that breeds labs for serves dogs and also horses. The farm is on the edge of the fairy realm that Inion is from and the family has a bit of fairy in the. All the animals have been touched with a bit of fairy magic making them a bit smarter and live longer then they normally would. Inion got Dia as a puppy as a gift for Aiden back when they were living at Wndseer. Things happen in life and Dia stayed with Inion, know she perfers the duties as Juliet's protecter. She is very loyal and for the most part your typical lab.

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Re: Character Profile

Post by juliet on Sat Sep 05, 2009 11:21 pm

Profile for Juliet

Name - Juliet Conner
Age - !5 years
Race - human

Describtion - Average hieght, long curly flame red hair and bright jade green eyes. cream colored skin.

Known History - Born in Rhy-din, her family recently where killed when thugs broke in to thier shop to rob it. She doesn't know if it was luck or a bad thing, but Juliet was out shopping for dinner when it happened. She found them and ran, never to return to the house. Inion came across a gang of boys dragging Juliet into an alley,there they decided to rape her. Well Inion wasn't going to let that happen. Those 5 boys are now either dead or missing important body parts, either way she doesn't think about it . Life on the streets those few months before Inion where hard and scary, making Juliet a bit shy around others.

Inion watchs over her like a mother and will protect her. When Juliet is ready Inion will teach her to e a healer so that she can take care of herself when its her time to leave Inion. Of course there will be some self defense classes also.

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Re: Character Profile

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