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A Dragon named Fox?!? {log}

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A Dragon named Fox?!? {log} Empty A Dragon named Fox?!? {log}

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:41 am

And *poof* in Cas' place was a man hugging Kjay.

"Well old friend. I think we need to find a place to train."

Dusts his hands off. "Yep yep.. my work here is done..."

He stood up to his full hight of 5'3" and looked around. He was wearing a heavy down jacket and sweating.

The leggy redhead had been walking around watching the goings on of the people around the area. As a Goddess of Rhy'Din she felt she was slacking off lately. Her four inch heels clicked upon the ground slightly as she walked. Her frame at six foot six, thanks to the heels, made it to where she could see a lot of things. Smell a lot of things too. Like the scent of a wolf she knew and loved. So she followed the scent to a sparing arena and stepped inside. "Kjay?" She looked around to see if he was here and to see if Casie was around.

Keller looked up at the woman who entered. Long legs good figure. She would make a great sled puller.

Kjay ran over to Venis and then back to Keller. He was confused and Venis would know he was.

He didn't know the half of it, under that dress was a body that was so tone it looked chisseled from marble. She saw Kjay run over to her and then back to some man. She was just as confused as her friend. "Kjay, sweety, what's wrong? Who is this man? Excuse me sir, perhaps you could tell me what you're doing with my friends wolf companion?" She knelt down and patted her thigh for him to come to her. "Come here boy."

Kjay looked at Venis and whimpered but stayed beside Keller.

"I am sorry, you must have him mistaken for some other wolf. This is Wind, he has been my top sled dog for ten years."

He did hold out his hand to the woman.

"I'm Keller."

Rising back up to her statuesque height she took the few steps it took to close the space between herself and the little man. She offered him her hand, palm down of course. Proper breeding would always shine through in such an instance. She arched her right eyebrow at the man who called himself Keller. She looked down at him and then over at Kjay. "Lady Venis Jordianthan, charmed I'm sure." So she left out a few details in that introduction. Until she had a better grasp of the situation, she would keep her little secrets.

He smiled as he looked up to the woman. He took her hand and shook it.

"You know I think you would be great at pulling a sled."

He pulled a harness out of the bag at his side. He tried to get the harness on her.

She stepped away rather quickly. "I beg your pardon." She had suspected he lacked breeding, the handshake proved it. But here he was trying to place a harness on her. Was he out of his ever lovin mind? "Sir, I am sorry to be the one to inform you of this, but a lady does not pull a sled. Now unless you want to become my next snack, you will put that harness back where you retrieved it from." The nerve of this guy. She looked at Kjay again. ~Kjay, are you ok? Has this guy hurt you or Casie?~ She looked around for Casie again, that was when she noticed the other being in the room. "Hello, perhaps you could shed some light on this situation for me?"

Was totally incognito over in the corner reading logs.. When DAMN! Spotted. "Hmmmmmm?" Just grinned, rather knowingly.. But still not about to spill anything "Whats that?"

Keller didn't stop trying to get the harness on Venis but it was becoming harder to breath. He soon fell over passing out from the heat.

~Cas, she was hugging me, then there was that odd little male~

He was very confused.

Oh what a devilish grin. This one knew something. But before she could interrogate him the one trying to harness her passed out. "Damn!" A Goddess' work is never done. She knelt down beside the man and felt his head. "Of all the things to wear in this heat." She shook her head and then placed her palm on the mans forehead. While she began to draw the heat from his body, she took the harness and gave it to Kjay. ~Get rid of this for me, will you sweety?~ He could use it as a chew toy for all she cared. But she continued to draw heat away from the man's body until he would be able to recover from fainting like a girl. Then she rose back up and looked to the other. "I'm not sure what is going on around here, but perhaps I should take my friends wolf with me to find her." She had an odd feeling when she touched the man, but it wasn't anything she had felt before so it was overlooked ... For now.

"Well you could do that, but.. you'd probably be really, really.. reallllyyyy lost and pretty hopeless on a question like that.." Only snickered "She'll be fine.. Possibly back sooner than a week.. But definitely by Monday." Nods and checks over his logs again briefly.

Kjay took the harness and began to try to bury it.

Keller was soon starting to sit up.

"Damn it all to hell. Did I pass out again?"

He was looking at Venis.

"You won't take Wind anywhere. I am telling you you have the wrong wolf."

He looked at Wind.

"Come here old friend. We need to find some place to train."

That was when Keller's eyes wondered over the dragon. Another worthy candidate for pulling a sled.

"Hey you there."

He ran up to the dragon.

"Come here so I can get this harness on you."

Her brows furrowed at the man's suggestion. After all, did he truly think she would sit back on her laurels and wait for Casie to return while some strange man had possession of Kjay. Ok, she had been away too long. Insanity was running ramped across the land. "How ..." Her question went unasked as this Keller character was now awake and barking orders at her. Only to chase the other in the room. She snatched the little man up by the collar of his jacket and lifted him. "I don't think so. You don't bark orders at me, and I want some answers. I know I don't have the wrong wolf, and there is no way I will believe I do."

Just snickered. He didn't bother to try running away.. Nope. He just sat there, waited, and watched.

He was headed to the dragon when he was grabbed up by the tall woman. He began running in place like that would make a difference.

"Put me down you witch."

She had incredible strength for even as short as he was Keller was not exactly skin and bones. No he had so weight to him After all when you spent almost the whole winter outside you had to get a bit of protection.

So the dragon found this amusing did he? Hmm, just went to further prove her point, insanity. Though, she did snicker a bit herself as Keller ran in the air while she held him suspended. "Witch you say? Funny thing ... I am a witch, have been since birth. Mother was a good witch, white magic and all that. But Daddy, Daddy was a Warlock, you know, black magic, the evil stuff. So unless you want me to show you a trick or two that I picked up from Daddy, I suggest you behave for a moment so we can get this straightened out."

He stopped running hoping she would put him down after all he had a dragon to harness. His Sled had to be around here somewhere.

"Ok ok just put me down."

Yes he had a bit of an obsession with training and any person or creature would do.

Definitely finds it amusing. All the MORE amusing that this lady was being deadly serious and going to 'straighten things out'.. Right! Sure she was! He wondered what would happen first... Her running away from the madness, or attacking the guy...

Attacking the guy, most definitely. After all, she thought he had kidnapped her best friend's companion and protector. Or even worse, kidnapped her best friend. Which would explain why Kjay wasn't tearing the guy to shreds already. Which reminded her, Kjay had never answered her question. Could that be because this guy had Casie some where? ~Kjay, where is Cas and why is this guy getting away with holding you captive?~ Ok, so she was starting to get a little warm. she set the guy down for a moment, but she would grab him back up again the second he dared to move.

Keller was released and started to inch his way toward the dragon.He simply must get him harnessed.

~Venis I told you Cas was sparing the dragon. She lost. then she was hugging me and out of no where this man was hugging me.~

Long bony fingers reached out and snatched up the man by his collar again as she looked to the dragon. "So, you have some abilities above that of a normal dragon I see." She wouldn't give Keller another chance to move. She would hold him there for eternity if that was what it took to get Casie back. "At least now I know why you say she's fine, you know where she is." She figured it was a switch. Remove Casie, put Keller here. freeze time or something perhaps. She still hadn't come to the idea of Casie trapped in this man's body or being this man as the case happened to be.

Time to step this up a notch! Fox stood up from the ground, brushing himself off. "Oh don't play coy with me.. I think you're well aware of the abilities I have! And It's about time I finally tell you what I've been hiding from you all this time!"

"Come on you witch, I just want to harness him so I can train. I must become better. I need to make sure I am ready when the snow comes."

He was getting hot again and that was not a good thing. He didn't want to pass out again especially not with this female holding him.

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A Dragon named Fox?!? {log} Empty Re: A Dragon named Fox?!? {log}

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:42 am

She arched an eyebrow at the dragon. Her free hand moved over to the mouth of Keller and she wiped a finger across his lips and a zipper appeared with a lock on it. She had to shut him up somehow. "Coy? I have no idea what you are talking about." And all that with a straight face. Too bad Krow wasn't around for a good ol' game of strip poker.

"Mmm mmmhhh aghhhhh."

Yup he was still trying to scream and was again now trying to run.

"Yeah okay.." Shook his head, sighing dramatically and aiming his head to the side. ".....I meant nothing to you.. did I... I knew this would happen.. Mother always told me to watch out for the sly ones.. but did I listen..? No.. No.."

The laughter that roared from her lips as she threw her head back was like the voices of a thousand Angels in a heavenly choir. Of course there was a reason for that, and Kjay at least knew it. "Honey, I know every man who has ever graced my bed, and you are not one of them ... Yet." She shook Keller a little to get him to shut up and be still.

Between the heat and being shaken he passed out again.

Just shook his head back at her. "Funny what too much alcohol will do to a memory! And now?! NOW!?" Going into hysterics and flailing his arms around at her. "NOW! I'm PREGNANT! And what do I have to show for it!? A Girl who doesn't even REMEMBER!"

She sighed and set the guy down by Kjay so she could get some of those warm clothes off of him. But as she was going about that task, she heard the words of the dragon. "Oh honey, you never told me you wanted to carry my love child. You should have said something." A hint of that French accent she was born with was shining through as she spoke. "Now, you know, with me being a God, this baby will be a little more special than it's peers." She reached fourth and closed her eyes as her hand lost it's solid form. She reached into the dragon's belly and started to mess around with things. Pretty soon she would remove her hand and he would feel a new heart beat within him. Their love child?

Kjay moved over to Keller and laid down by him whimpering.

... Yeah. that wasn't supposed to happen. But SURELY this Chick was messing with him. Surely.... "........... Ahhhhhahahahhha.... Oh... Well then!" Yes! She HAD TO BE.. Just settle down ".... Wonderful! At least you REMEMBER this time! You're not drunk off your ass!"

She laughed again as she continued to remove some of the clothing from Keller. Down to a pair of pants and a shirt. That should help as she drew more heat from him. "Now, I don't ever remember seeing you at Castle Darkmane. And given that I am a God and a Vampire, I know that there is only one thing in this whole world that has ever gotten me drunk. So, what's the gestation period for a dragon ... Couple a years isn't it?" She knew, just wanted to see his reaction to what she said.

Actually had absolutely no idea. "Ohhhh Awhile.. for sure..." *Eye Twitch.* It was still beating.. What DID she do, if it wasn't THAT? "Buuuuut thats fine... We have all the time in the world! Right!?" *twitch...* "Right!"

Keller was now sleeping deeply.

Kjay put his head on him and looked at Venis.

She nodded as she shackled Keller's feet before he could wake and run. Where did the shackles come from? Same place as the zipper, they were just there. Then she stood up to face the dragon once again. "Of course, and I will come by every day to kiss the belly so that Jr will know that Mommy loves them. Dre is going to be so thrilled to have a new sibling, one that's even blood." But that was just it, he really was pregnant, for now at least.

"Hahaha... Wonderful.. ...Yeah...." Took a deep breath. He needed to carry this a LITTLE further. And the main plan had been shot to hell pretty intensely. Like, with 40 assault rifles. " Soooooo...." *Twitch.*"....What type of race will we make...!? Dragon-god-vampire!? Dragodamp!!?"

She smiled. "Half humanoid, half dragon, with the powers of a God. Sounds like another Dracon demi-God to me. Oh won't my son be thrilled, he's going to get a mini-me." She laughed some more. "So, I was thinking, I want the baby breast fed. But with me having so much work to do ... Maybe you, I mean I could easily." She reached for his chest with both hands looking like they were about to grope him and feel him up.

HA! THAT would have been far less scary than what she already did! So it was nothing now.. He was 99% sure what she was going for.. And out of seeing if maybe he could surprise her by going along with it, he nodded. "Oh well you know.. I'm here to help!" Even puffed his chest out. 'Bare chest.' This dragon didn't wear clothes. "MAYBE if we raise the child well, it won't turn out into another Demi-God power abusing jerk off like all the rest out there!"

His mistake. She touched her hands to his chest and watched them grow like chia pets. "Let me know when your back starts to hurt babe." She'd be nice about it and only give him a little back pain. She also made sure that as they grew, there would be way of them producing milk. She had to make this as real as possible.

Yeah. Should have expected THAT too. But you know.. Was all about going as far as possible with something. However, we had pretty much reached that point, now. "Uhhh.. Stop?" Just tossed that out there.. Looking down at the new assets, giving them a swat. "Nice job! You should charge for this type of service!"

She chuckled. "You might want to avoid doing that too much, they will get pretty sensitive rather soon. Little things like that will really start to hurt." Well, he had ended up with a nice DD rack to go home with, not to mention the pulse in his belly that was about to start craving the funniest things. Like chocolate fudge covered dill pickles.

Eye twitched, and one ear went flat against his head as the craving hit.... "OKAY!" Time to stop now. "So!" Grabbed her by both shoulders, grimacing. "This was a JOKE.. Heh.. Um... It's a game.. Just like why Cas is gone.. just part of the game! Sooo... Haha.. done now! Okay? Plllleeeeeeeease turn me back...?"

She snickered. "First thing's first. Where is she?" Oh yea, priorities.

"Pointed at the sled guy "THAT! Him! Again! Just the game! She.. Is him..Sshe'll be back after he wins some matches! OR at the end of the week, when the game is over!" Kind of shot that out fast.. Because the craving was REALLY eating away at him.

"Battle of the sexes huh?" She started laughing for a bit. She leaned down and wiped away the zipper and shackles from Keller. Then she rose back to her full height and walked over to the dragon. She leaned in close making sure to brush up against him, and whispered in his ear. "Don't you want to try and squeeze a watermelon out of a water hose?" She laughed a little more, though softer and at a lower volume given her proximity to his ear. Then she placed a gentle kiss upon his lips, just a chaste peck, and all was gone as if it had never existed. Talk about a gift from the God's.

Wouldn't care if she Frenched him to death! Craving was gone! Tits were gone! "Oh thank GOD ..." ... Eyed her for a moment ... "...Which applies here quite well ..."

She laughed. "So could I have a name from the almost father of my love child?" She was going to remember this one for a few hundred years, and she was going to share too.

"Fox..." Laughing, he held out a hand for her.. and then carefully retracted it "Ahhh... Promise not to do that again if I shake your hand?" Held it back out at full, snickering. "Umm.. So.. that was the most unexpected reaction to that prank, of all time.. MOST people.. They flip out.. they yell and scream about the impossibilities of such a thing..."

She laughed as she shook his hand. "Promise. It's a pleasure Fox. And I was a touch thrown at first, I have been drunk once. But I tend to be rather quick on my feet. Speaking of feet. I'm going to go pick up Casie's kids and drop them with their Uncle Manny while Casie is ... Indisposed. When she's feeling more herself, could you let her know for me?" She thought that Casie getting turned into a man was hilarious. And to think, all those men who harbored a secret, or sometimes not so secret, desire to see her and Casie in bed together. Wouldn't they just die if they saw this. "I'm going to head out and let you get back to things around here. I had fun, and uh, if you ever feel the need to be more feminine, give me a call." She winked as she turned to head out. She was walking rather slow because she was shaking her head and laughing. From over her shoulder she called back to Kjay. "You be a good boy, you'll get Casie back soon."

Just laughed, waving as she left "Oh believe me.. I have that down pretty well myself! But if you had fun, you should join us! Battle of the Sexes is only onnnne more week!" Waved again "If you feel like playing with your madness.. just look me up! I'm sure after this.. experience.. that'll be easy."
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