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What Venis did while she was gone ((Closed))

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What Venis did while she was gone ((Closed))

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:16 am

After Venis slipped through the portal to leave New Haven, she started bouncing from place to place trying to find this entity that had trapped her within her Keep. One of the places that she went was the Rhy'Din docks. While there, she met a demon.

Venis was in one of her foulest of moods as she walked along the docks. The power she had called upon only a night before was still running through her system trying to take complete control. She, of course, was fighting against that. But she needed to find what she was looking for and fast. Before it was too late.

Barthalomew could be found in the cabin of his ship. A ship painted black with red letters reading 'The Devil's Wake'. He was just laying on a bed with black covers made for two, but there was no one else. There never had been, but he liked to have a bigger area to sleep. The walls in the cabin were painted red, like a crimson blood-red. A sigh as he looks toward the door, he wasn't expecting anyone.

Venis happened upon a ship. Someone, or something, was on that ship. A glance to the side of the vessel revealed its name to be The Devil's Wake. "Irony at its best." Words spoken out loud, yet to herself. The Ironic part being that it was not a human she felt on that ship. It was something a little bigger and a little badder than any human could be. Venis was intrigued. So she lingered for a moment as she pondered boarding the vessel.

He finally pulled himself into a sitting position. Tonight it wasn't because he was worn out that he was being slow, he was just being lazy. He continued to watch the door as if expecting something to happen. It wasn't that he knew Venis was there, though if he would have been paying attention he would have heard her. It just felt like something would happen.

Venis walked over to the ramp. She rested her hand upon the ropes. Should she board a strange ship? It wasn't like she was taking her life into her hands if she did. But then again, what if the being upon this vessel was the one that had trapped her? What if it is so powerful that not only had she never felt it before it trapped her, but even this close to it, she didn't know that it was the one? Could a being that powerful kill a God of Rhy'Din? There was only one way to find out. A step was taken to rise up onto the platform. And after a brief pause, she continued across to the ship. Then she stepped down onto the deck. Her heels clicked loudly on the wood. At least it sounded loud to her.

Now he was paying more attention. His senses were tuning themselves high. As soon as she was at the ramp he knew. He just listened as she walked across. It was at least loud to him. He was powerful, but he had no intentions of trapping anyone. At this time though he was hiding his full power. It didn't do to scare people away. It was a habit from his last crew.

Venis stood there looking around for a moment. She knew she looked out of place on board a ship wearing an emerald hued strapless mini-dress and matching six inch heels. But she also knew that with her muscle tone being more masculine that most women's and her height being six foot two before the heels, six eight after, she was rather intimidating. And that was even before it was found out that she was a vampire and a Goddess who had been born a witch. So fear was not in Venis' vocabulary. Which meant that she didn't care if she looked out of place. Who was going to challenge her over something so trivial? Steps were taken forward to get a better view of things about the ship's deck.

Despite not having full worries of having someone unknown aboard his ship he let the guard down just a bit so that the person could sense a huge wave of power, but that was only a small portion of it. Then the guard was back up and he seemed almost at human strength. He stands and waits, pulling his hood up to cast his face in shadows so deep that it was like nothing was there at all. Even the sharpest eyes could not pierce these shadows.

Venis stopped where she was and her back arched. Her head rolled back and her eyes closed. She drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. That was a whole lot of power that had just washed over her. She turned to watch in the direction that it had come from. The being that was aboard this ship had done that. And she was going to face it head on.

Eyes stayed on the door. That had been his warning to anyone who would have attacked. Though he much doubted that anyone would. He had been around here long enough that any burglars, cut-throats, or muggers were too scared to attempt it. Besides he didn't have many possessions.

Regardless of how long he had been about these waters, Venis did not frequent them often. In fact, it had been years since she had been down this way. The God's of Rhy'Din weren't in high demand these days. At least some of them weren't. Too many non-believers. Which meant Venis spent most of her time doing her own thing. So her hand ran over her thigh, over her dress, so she felt the hilt of the dagger sheathed there. If what was going to come through that door presented danger, Venis was ready for it. And the dagger would just be the warning wound.

Well he hadn't been around long. Only 3 weeks in Rhy'Din and even less on this ship. He would wait for the person. In a way it gave him the advantage. He was on guard, yet at the same time completely calm. He didn't expect any trouble. No weapons were touched, but he could easily get one out, even if it did mean opening a dark portal.

It seemed that the being had stilled, or at least was not coming through the door. So dare she enter? If the being wasn't going to come out to her, she was going to go in to it. After all, how else would she find out if it had been the guilty party? Her heels clicked as she stepped to the door. She made no attempt to silence her movement or mask her approach. Long bony fingers rose to open the portal. The only thing that would prevent her from entering now was if this was a private residence or the door was somehow bespelled. If either of those were the case, she would need permission to enter.

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Re: What Venis did while she was gone ((Closed))

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:14 am

Well luckily for her he hadn't felt like putting any sort of spells on the door. He never felt in danger. He could hear her just outside, now it was the most tense bit of waiting. It wouldn't be good to have to go through any more trouble, especially while he was still looking for a new crew. So he couldn't have anyone killed or it would give him a bad reputation in Rhy'Din.

And the door opened. Venis ducked down and stepped through the portal. But she never looked down. A person could meet their maker with that mistake. So she saw the cloaked being standing there. Once she had stepped through she stood erect again. She was taller than the being, by quite a bit in her heels. So she looked slightly downward as she spoke to the shadows of the hood of the cloak. "Greetings. Forgive me my trespass, but you are the first being I have come across this night." She would save her introductions until after the being spoke to her in return. No need to give away who she was from the word go. It takes away the element of surprise if she needed to defend herself against the being.

The woman steps through and he watches silently until she speaks. "Greetings to you as well Miss. No problems at all, I wasn't doing much anyway." He may have been shorter, but the power he had released hadn't been fake. If you paid enough attention and you could sense stuff like that, like the woman could, then you could still feel a slight residue of that power in the air.

And she could feel the residue of the power. She could taste it on the back of her tongue like honey. Part of her, and the extra stuff that was now within her, found it to be the sweetest of tastes. Something more to feed that growing darkness that she had called forth. Venis tilted her head to the side slightly. "You may call me Venis. And by what name to you go?" She always wanted to know to whom she was speaking.

"A pleasure to meet you then Venis." A pause. "I am Barthalomew The Destroyer." He still couldn't leave the title. He raises a hand to perhaps shake hers. It was a blood-red hand with black claw-like finger nails. The things those hands had done were so devastating, though in recent years it had dropped. He wasn't a normal arch demon after all.

"Well met Barthalomew." Her own hand raised and she gripped his hand and gave a slight shake with just enough grip. She could feel that he was holding back his power now. How much power she had no clue to, but it was there, boiling under the surface. "What brings you to these waters Barthalomew?" She knew the kind of beings that carried a title of The Destroyer. The stories she could swap with such a being. She herself had spent a long time tearing her way through a large portion of Earth once upon a time. She hadn't been born a Goddess after all. But that was another story for another time.

That was true enough. A quick pull away after the hand shake. "My ship before was attacked by a giant sea serpent. Not wanting to scare my crew I did not draw the power to take it out. Now that ship is gone and my crew is most likely dead. I was found on a board of my ship floating near the docks." He had no issues with telling how he had come here. His destroying days were over as well, at least for the most part.

And arch of her right brow brought a questioning glance from Venis. Not because she did not believe his tale. But because she was curious of something. "Why would you not draw the power to save your crew? Did you not think they would overlook such power upon realizing that they still drew breath thanks to you?" She would have used the power. But then again, she was The Goddess of Protection.

"They already feared me. I would've lost all business and a crew. I cannot go back and change the past." For some reason it didn't fully matter to him. Sure he had friends in that crew, but either way they would be gone now, even if he wouldn't be here.

Venis dipped her head to the side in an 'eh' gesture. Right now, she was not overflowing with caring for the lives of others. "True. What's done is done." Of course, there were those who could change the past. If they so chose to. "So you washed up here, on the shores of Rhy'Din? Not a bad place to wash up upon." Normally she would have added something to the effect of 'unless you're here to start trouble.' But she wasn't feeling that too much this night either.

A shrug. "It seems so. So far it hasn't been too bad." Then a slight unseen smirk. "So do you always just walk into someone's room?" He was of course joking, even if he did barely know her. It was odd to be having a conversation with a random woman who showed up in his room. Not that his room was much to look at. Just the bed, a dresser, and some bookshelves filled with all sorts of books of different kinds, languages, and even runes.

It might have been his room, but he didn't consider it his home, at least not yet. If he had, she wouldn't have been able to enter. The vampire couldn't have crossed the threshold without invitation. "I thought the door would have opened into a hall or something of the sort. I had not thought it would be a bed chamber. I can leave if you wish." The slightest hint of an arch to her eyebrow seemed to be challenging him to throw her out. Her posture had even changed. She had shifted her weight to one leg and her hand rose to rest upon the protruded hip.

"Do you really want to test me on that?" He saw the challenge. He took down his hood. He was nothing special to look at. Blood-red skin. Completely white eyes. Straight hair the color of night down to his shoulders. So definitely nothing special.

Venis chuckled, her shoulders moving forward and her chest inverting with the gesture. "The eyes take away from the effect. Cute though. The whole red and black might scare some. But not me darlin'. But to answer your question, no, no need to challenge you. It was just a natural reaction. I didn't even do it consciously." And she hadn't. She just always reacted that way. And more so lately with all that extra darkness she was carrying around in her.

"The eyes weren't my choice." Though he could technically change them any time he wanted. "I see, well that would be a bad reaction." A small smile. "I know you felt the power earlier, and that was only a small portion. It was nothing." He wasn't trying to scare her, but he was telling her.

A slight shrug with an even smaller tilt of the head. "The power only piqued my curiosity even more. It just made me come to you rather than wait for you to come to me, or just leave even." All true. She might have just left if he hadn't sent out that little taste of what he was capable of.

"I see. Well it did start up this conversation. So I suppose I am glad that I sent out that small bit." He was telling the truth there too, he didn't have many to talk to.

Venis leaned back against the wall and crossed her right ankle over her left. She then folded her arms across her abdomen. (She couldn't fold them across her chest) With her long crimson locks pinned
against her back and shoulders, she hoped she didn't need to nod any time soon.
"Very true. Do you suffer from a lack of company? I only ask because you didn't bespell the door." She had thought it would have had a spell on it now that she knew it opened into bed chambers and not a hall.

"I do not have much company at all. And all the criminals will not attempt this place anymore." So really he felt no need. "I could if I wanted to, but there really isn't a point." He wondered how she would think it went to a hall, considering it was the top side of a ship.

She had spent very little time on a ship. She was unfamiliar with the normal layout of one. She only had one or two with which to draw experience from. She usually chose other means of transport. "I can understand that. Scare away all the little boogie men have you?" As one of the things that went bump in the night, she found that amusing. And her amusement was evident by the grin upon her face. It wasn't that he could scare that was amusing, it was that he had already done so. The things that went bump in the night these days had a tendency to run on the wimpy side. With a few exceptions of course.

"Of course." It was amusing to him just because it didn't take much to scare them. “It’s kind of sad; I now have no one to scare away." And at that he does frown. "It seems no fun will be coming my way for awhile."

Venis chuckled and a smile remained upon her face that reached clear up to her eyes. A sparkle was there that had been missing for some time. "I am sure you can find something fun to do. There's more than just scaring little neophyte monsters to do around here." Though, she had to admit, scaring newbs was one of her favorite forms of entertainment.

"I suppose there is." A sigh. "Until I get a crew though I'm pretty much out of work." He needed a crew to get work, but he hadn't managed to find one. "I suppose I'll just have to wait for that, even if it is a pain." There were pirates on the waters he could deal with.

Both eyebrows rose as she blinked slowly. "I know where you can get a crew, at least a temporary one." She had hundreds of beings at her disposal, so to speak. She could think of any number of them who would like to set sail for a while. And there were several with special talents who would simply love to be helpful to a ship.

"Temporary does not cut it." It wasn't that he didn't have enough money, because he did. After all he had bought a ship soon after he got here. "It would be nice, but I need a full crew that can be at call whenever they are needed." And besides he wanted more time to just relax.

Venis gave the slightest of shrugs. "Offer still stands. You can find plenty who would love to set sail with you for as long as you wished them to. If ever you're interested." She herself could not join him, for a few reasons. The most immediate ones being she couldn't be out at sea, and she was on a hunt at the moment anyway.

"I know, but I will eventually find a full time crew." He wouldn't know how to react if she wanted to be a crew member. The only other sleeping quarters were downstairs and was one room with a ton of beds and whatnot to sleep on. "It will not be an issue."

Venis was still smiling. "As you wish." And the sleeping arraignments wouldn't have been an issue. She would have slept in her coffin. Plus, it wasn't like she hadn't seen plenty of naked men in her time. She was most definitely older than she looked. And had plenty of lovers and even quite a few husbands.

"Good." And it wasn't so much seeing him naked, because that would not happen. He slept with at least some clothes on. "So what brought you out here?"

Oh how to answer that question. Well hell, there was always good old fashioned truth. "Vengeance." He had to have figured out that she herself had plenty of power, even if he didn't know that she was a Goddess. And it had been her experience that when someone with as much power as she had spoke that word, it made others pay attention. After all, she wasn't hiding any of her power, she was too angry to bother. Luckily for Barthalomew, her anger wasn't directed at him.

He laughs at that. And he did notice she was a Goddess, but it didn't mean much to him. And as for the power, well that didn't matter much either. He was too laid back. "Sounds like fun. Would you like to see my full power?" It was a random question since she wasn't hiding hers.

A slight pointing down of the corners of her lips, though not in a frown, just a different type of smile. An arch of her eyebrows accompanied it. "Sure. Show me what yer workin with." Now she was quoting old Earth rap music? Her amusement and the extra darkness within her was not mixing well evidently.

"If you wish." Then he lets down all the barriers of his strength. The power burning from him would be practically visible, well it would be if he would allow it, but that was too much. His skin changes to dark grey and flames burst up in his eyes. The power emanating from him would make the room seem way too small. Not a single thing stirred with the power, but it was like an ancient beast roaring to life after a nice long sleep. A moment to let her absorb what was happening before he put them barriers back up and he was back to normal. "I suppose I could have went more interesting than that, but that is the form I have chosen. I am not like the others who choose dragons and large wolves."

Venis smiled. "Perhaps a more formal introduction is in order. My Name is Venis Jordianthan. The vampire Goddess of Fire and Protection, God of Rhy'Din. I only mention it because the flames in your eyes, they called to me. That could be a dangerous thing. But your power is impressive. I guess I know who to call out to if I run into more trouble than I can handle out there on the docks tonight." Not that she thought she would, but there were occasions when she was outnumbered by several beings with enough power between them to give her a run for her money so to speak.

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Re: What Venis did while she was gone ((Closed))

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:27 am

"Unfortunately I cannot give a more formal introduction." He had gave his most formal one. Not much of a change of his facial features as he hears her full title. He had been through a lot, not much could surprise him. "I doubt you will, especially after leaving this ship. And I thank you for the compliment over my power."

She smiled again, and this time she gave the slightest nod of her head and a slow blink. "I meant it. I was impressed, and that's not an easy thing to accomplish." Not a whole lot impressed her these days. She hadn't moved from her position against the wall, not even when he showed her his power. But it wasn't from boredom; she was enjoying the pleasant conversation. As the darkness grew, her chances for such things would dwindle. "So you think that my mere presence on this ship is enough to scare off any would be boogie men?" She grinned again. She couldn't help it. She figured his troubles would return soon enough.

He smiles back. The residue from so much power going even out of the cabin. "That is good then." Then a smile as she asked about the presence on his ship. "Oh yes, on a normal basis it would be, but then I went and showed you my full power. I know that you can feel the residue, because almost anyone can if I let them. And most within this area and even further out can feel it." He doubted troubles would come his way any time soon.

She chuckled. "But there are those, like me, who feel power and want to come play with it. After all, I wandered aboard, did I not? And came closer the more power you emitted." And her comment brought her attention to the fact that he had not asked her why she was out seeking vengeance. It was refreshing to not have to explain herself to someone. And for that reason alone, she would tell if he did eventually ask. Just because he had shown some class and had manners when she first mentioned it.

"Those who have wanted to play with the power have already come before." A small laugh. They had got to play, even if they had never seen his full power. And he probably wouldn't ask her about vengeance, he knew plenty about it and it was her business.

She gave another smile. She knew of a few around Rhy'Din who had probably not been around this area to come to play, yet. But that was nothing to bother him with. "Well, at least you could enjoy the peace and quiet. Or at least, until I showed up anyway." His peace and quiet would evidently return once she left though.

"It's still pretty peaceful with you around." That was true enough. He moves over and sits on the bed that could have 2 sleeping, but of course there was no one else. "It is nice to live on this ship rather than somewhere else. I can get away whenever I want." It was true that he could summon up some stuff as a crew, but he didn't like to.

She smiled again. "Thank you." Of course, she knew that the only reason that was true was because she was fighting a war within herself to keep the darkness from driving her to do something she had no need to do. A raise of her eyebrows and a slight tilt of her head was then given. "Yea, there is always that. It's fun to not have to be tied down." She owned a house, she owned a castle that contained an entire city within the walls of the Keep, but she stayed at Inn's and traveled as she pleased to wherever she wished to go.

"You're welcome." A sigh as he looks around the room. He was thinking of hanging some weapons on the walls. "Of course not, though I suppose even without the ship I was never tied down." He moved wherever he wished. It didn't matter to him where he slept.

She smiled. "Sometimes I think my husband wishes I would stay home, be tied down. Figuratively of course. But I think my lover wishes it even more." She was married to Kahn Jordianthan, the God of Ice and Death. But she kept the Prime evil God Eros as a lover. And yes, he was the God from Earth's Greek Mythology. Venis knew from power. Which made the fact that he had impressed her even more ... Well ... Impressive.

"I have no such lover. So I can travel as I please." He couldn't even imagine having one at this time. It seemed so impossible. It was far from his mind until now. "So you do not stay with your husband a lot?" He knew he was getting more personal, but he asked anyway.

She gave a partial shrug. "He is away a lot. Being the God of Death is time consuming. But we see each other often enough. In fact, I just saw him last night." Though, time alone together had not been on the menu. He was helping her break free from the spell that had trapped her within her Keep and was the reason she was out for vengeance.

"I wish I had more stuff to do." He didn't mind having a time consuming job. "Sounds like a fun job." A small smile there. "I bet I've kept him quite busy in the past." It had just slipped out. The thing is, it was probably true, he had dealt much death.

She chuckled then. "You and I both. It wasn't always his job though. He gained his powers the same way I had. Only, I was the one who had to fight for him to get them. And before him, my best friend had the job. I did not know the God of Death before that. And it was probably a previous God who had been the most busy at my hands." It had been a while since she had been the scourge of the Earth.

"Have him look up my name. I'm sure he'll find plenty of work he did that had my name on it." He had scourged cities, destroyed continents, erased planets. It was all in the line of work he did. He couldn't even count how many lives he had taken.

She chuckled. "How do you think I knew the type of beings that carried the title The Destroyer? I've taken many a soul to Heaven or Hell who had been ended by one such as you. Probably some who had met their maker because of you yourself." She chuckled some more. "The advantages of being married to him, I get to help." And she enjoyed it too. Especially her trips to Val Halla. Her friend and father of her only naturally born child rested there.

"There have been many who have carried that title who have been taken out by me, but it might be interesting to take a look at all I've done." A shrug, it was mostly because he suddenly wanted to see what he had done in his past. He may not be a destroyer anymore, but he was still an arch demon.

Venis raised her eyebrows again. "Now that you mention it. I wonder if there is a scroll somewhere or some sort of ledger that would list our deaths. I will definitely have to look into that." She smiled. "If I find it, I will be sure to bring you yours so you could see." Her smile widened. She liked the idea of looking over her past and doing an official body count.

"I think it'll take quite a bit more than one scroll." In fact he knew he could fill this room with scrolls of the deaths on his list and still have room for more. "I thank you then." A chuckle. "I don't think your husband would like me very much if he looked over my records. I've put him and probably past God's of Death through plenty of work."

She flat out laughed. "He loves his job. We have four teenagers at home." They were a handful. So they spent more time on their own than with their parents. But they were always well taken care of and never wanted for anything. They were even tucked in every night by at least one parent. Figuratively of course. At least one of them always showed up at the house in the evenings.

"Oh, then I suppose I have given him plenty of fun work. In fact I'm sure you've been around on some of his work." He was trying to think of a more recent planet he had destroyed. "Fernio perhaps." It was one he could remember.

Venis gave it some thought. "I don't recall that one. I don't usually go with him, I usually just help him transport souls or if their soul gem comes to me then I just deliver it without bothering him with the task." Sometimes they came to her, especially if it was someone who worshiped at those churches that some freak had decided to erect in her name.

"Oh well." It didn't much matter. "I cannot wait to see those lists." A small smile. "It will most certainly be interesting, but don't be surprised at the number." He knew it be a large number... A very large number.

Venis chuckled. "Ok, I've been warned. But I really should get going. If I find those lists, I will definitely come looking for you. It was a pleasure meeting you Barthalomew." She pushed away from the wall and extended her hand for another hand shake. She needed to go because it was getting harder and harder to contain that extra darkness, and it was making her hungry.

He shakes her hand. "Farewell, it was nice meeting you as well." And it truthfully was.

Venis smiled and showed herself out. When she reached the docks she looked left then right. She needed to find some food, and fast.

And he went to his bed and just went back to laying down.
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Re: What Venis did while she was gone ((Closed))

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