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Happy 34th Tasha (Open to party goers from the other party)

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Re: Happy 34th Tasha (Open to party goers from the other party)

Post by Ha'ruil on Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:15 pm

After he put on the neck lace and saw what Madeline gave Tasha he went to the table with the presents and picked up his. He walked back over to Tasha and handed her his.

"Here you go dear, I hope you like it,"

The wrapping was simple as was the box that it came in.


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Re: Happy 34th Tasha (Open to party goers from the other party)

Post by Tasha Masterson on Mon Sep 21, 2009 3:12 am

Tasha opened the gift from Maddie and smiled. The little silver box even had her initials engraved upon the top. She carefully moved her hand to lift the lid. *Ding ding ding ... Ding ding ... Ding ding ... Ding. Ding ding ... Ding ding ... Ding ding.* She closed the lid back and looked up as tears fell from her eyes.

She was speechless for a handful of moments. She had an allergy to silver, but that was only if it came in contact with her blood. There were no sharp edges on the box, not even the engraving. Her thoughtful niece had seen to that she was sure. So she looked back down and ran her fingers along the box.

When she looked back up, her tears still fell. But she found her voice."Madeline Cauthon, you honor me, and your Uncle Gareth with this gift. Thank you so much. I will always treasure this, and those items I place inside. Just as I will always treasure you. I love you and am honored that you still look upon me as family."

She knew she had gotten a little long winded when she looked back down at the box. But it was such a wonderful gift. She kissed her fingers and then placed them upon the box. As she moved her finger from the lid, she wiped away her tears that had fallen upon it. Then she set it aside and marked it in her book.

She wiped her eyes as Ha'Ruil rose from her side to retrieve his gift for her. It was very sweet of him to follow Maddie's gift. Perhaps it would help with her tears not lasting all night. She ate some more as he was getting his gift. She loved shrimp. And to have her favorite foods like this was so very sweet of them.

She took Ha'Ruil's gift as he offered it. "Thank you dear." She untied the bow and then opened the wrapping. She opened the box and her eyes lit up like Christmas Tree's. It was the most beautiful wood carving she had ever seen. She pulled it from the box and examined it. It was a majestic panther, and she loved it.

She set it back in the box carefully and turned in her seat. "Thank you so much, I love it." She threw her arms around him for a huge hug and followed it with a deep passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss she smiled at him. She kissed him a couple more times, chaste pecks. It was a truly wonderful gift, and treasure.

She marked it down in the book and then moved onto the next box. It was a large rectangular box. It was rather flat. She opened it up and gasped. "Oh my God's Paul. It's beautiful. I shall find the perfect reason to wear it. I love it, thank you." It was a designer gown from France. She loved the cut and everything.

She held the gown up and placed it against herself once she stood. She turned so everyone could see before she gently placed it back in the box. She sat back down and marked it in her book. She loved it very much and couldn't wait for a reason to wear it out. She even had the perfect strappy heels to wear with it.

Next she grabbed up a gift bag. She smiled as she began to remove sheets of tissue paper. When she reached inside to pull out the contents of the bag she gasped. "Oh William, you remembered." She smiled as she held the lovely silk bouquet in her arms for a moment. She was making sure to read each tag on the gift.

She placed the flowers back in the bag and marked it down in her book. Her favorite flowers ever, German Bearded Irises from William. It was such a thoughtful gift. She knew about his crush on her, but she also knew that he was fine with their friendship. It made for a wonderfully playful relationship that stayed pure.

The next box within her reach was a large box. She picked it up and it seemed heavier in the middle. So she set it down and opened it carefully. She moved the tissues and found a beautiful purple glass vase. It looked to be hand-blown as they say. "Oh Isah." It was absolutely perfect for her new flowers that she had just got.

She pulled out the flowers and put them in the vase. She moved them around a bit with a smile. Then she put them back in the bag, vase and all. She could use the big box to put other things in. Then she marked in the book that Isah had made her a vase. It was so sweet of him to take that kind of time for her a gift.

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Re: Happy 34th Tasha (Open to party goers from the other party)

Post by Tasha Masterson on Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:11 am

Tasha ate some more of her pasta, and took a big drink of her soda. She looked around and smiled as all of her friends and family were enjoying their dinner as well. She smiled at Ha'Ruil. "How's your pasta dear?" She smiled as she kissed his lips softly.

She moved onto the next gift after she heard his answer. She was already all smiles, and there was still so much left to open. The next box was large and flat like the one from Paul had been, but it was a little different. So she opened it up and her mouth fell open. The paper removed showed a new purple laptop.

She looked up to Manny and Gwendolan with a smile. "My ... Mine was broken. How did you know?" She ran her hands over the box before putting it aside. She marked in the book that she got a laptop from Manny and Gwendolan. Which almost brought another tear to her eyes. This was becoming a very emotional day.

The next box was of a smaller scale. Closer to that of the one from Kyra. It was from Casie. She opened it up and there in the box was an uncut purple sapphire set in antique gold and hanging from a thirty inch matching chain. "Oh God's, Casie." It was beautiful. It was a nice compliment to her ring on her right hand.

She removed the necklace from the box and placed it over her head to hang before her in all it's splendor. If Casie had known the significance of the ring, she might not have picked the necklace. So she was glad that it wasn't well known, because she would have missed out on a piece of jewelry that she already loved.

She wrote in her book that Casie gave her a necklace to compliment her ring. Then she ate some more of her pasta. She was going to have so many thank yous to write. And so many hugs to give out as well. This was the best Birthday she'd had in a long long time. And she was so glad that everyone was here with her for it.

The next box she could reach was rather large. There was one bigger, but she wasn't to it yet. She pulled it over to herself and began to open it. Imagine her surprise when she saw that full sized electric keyboard under the paper. She caught her breath and smiled. "Keven ... Joseph!" Oh how sweet they were.

She marked it in the book. A new keyboard. And it included the stand and a bench according to the box. She was thrilled. "Thank you both so very much. It's wonderful." She slid it aside for the moment. She had just gotten to were she would play again, now she could thankfully do so in the privacy of her own room.

The next gift was so pretty with all the ribbon and bows. It was from Iluvenis. She smiled when she opened it up. It was a home made bird feeder. And she had thrown in a bag of seed. She looked it over as if to examine it closely. "Beautifully done. It's great, I love it. Thank you for making it for me." She smiled and winked.

It went into the book that Iluvenis made her a bird feeder. It was even more special that she had made it rather than buying it. She would hang it out on her balcony when they got back. Though she wasn't sure it would be the most popular feed stop on the block, it was sure the prettiest. And that was what counted.

The next package was from Natalie. She smiled as she opened it up. "What a wonderful bird house." It was almost enough to make her cry that the kids made her gifts rather than bought them. It really sucked that Nat was too sick to be here. But she was sure that DJ would tell his sis that Tash got choked up.

She marked the book with Nat's gift. She was fighting back tears as she did. She ate some more of her dinner, actually finishing it off as it was getting cool. She drank some more soda to wash it down and whispered when she asked Ha'Ruil if he would get her some more. While he was up she moved on to the next gift.

When she opened the box her head tilted slightly. Was that ..? She pulled out the very large tea cup with the attached saucer. There was a dowel inside as well. It seemed to screw into the saucer. A bird bath. How amazing. "Oh DJ, how wonderfully creative. Thank you so much." She smiled again, and there went the tears.

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Re: Happy 34th Tasha (Open to party goers from the other party)

Post by Tasha Masterson on Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:58 pm

She marked the book with DJ's gift. It took her a second to write it down without her tears staining the page. She had never gotten home made gifts from children before. It was always the parents added the children's names to what ever they bought. DJ was sure to pick on her for this, but she didn't care.

The next gift was from Her sister Cat. It was a small box, but it was so elegantly wrapped. All these beautiful wrapped purple presents. She loved purple. When she lifted the lid of the clam shell jewel box her mouth fell agape. Her tears began to flow faster and she began to shake. She closed her mouth but remained speechless.

Inside that little box, that was lined with purple velvet, was her fathers pocket watch. Her father wore that pocket watch every day. Tasha could never remember seeing him without it. He taught her to tell time on that watch. There was never a more perfect gift. She loved her Daddy very much, she was his little girl.

After a few moments passed she looked up to Cat with tear filled eyes. Her voice was soft as she whispered to her. "Thank you." She had no other words for how she felt at that moment. She clung to that watch with her left hand while she marked her book. It would be a little hard to read it later she was shaking so bad.

Ha'Ruil returned with her Dr. Pepper and she handed him the watch as she took the offered cup from him. "It was my Daddy's." She took a long drink of her soda. She looked around and saw that everyone was smiling. They knew she was shedding tears of joy at having something so wonderful that meant so much to them all.

The next box seemed rather large and heavy too. She opened it rather slowly. Partially because it was so big, partially because she was still shaken over her fathers watch. This gift was from her other sister, Ali. When she opened the box she started shaking again. Her tears began to flow even faster and harder.

She pulled out a sheet of bubble wrap and unfolded it. She could almost make out what was in there but she had to open it to be sure. When she saw what the gift was she nearly dropped the saucer. It was her mothers wedding china. This was just shy of being as perfect as her fathers pocket watch.

She looked up at Ali, but she couldn't see through the tears in her eyes. Ha'Ruil pulled her into his arms because she was shaking so badly. She had gotten nothing when her parents died. She hadn't spoken to either of them in years. Her sisters didn't even want her at the funeral. So this meant so much more to her for it.

She turned so that she could curl up in Ha'Ruil's arms. She cried on his shoulder for some time. She could feel his arms around her, the watch still in his hand. She could also feel other hands coming from various spots to caress her or pat her softly. Her loved ones were trying to comfort her. She kept crying for a little while though.

When her crying was back under control, she sat up from Ha'Ruil's arms ad marked in the book what Ali had gotten her. Her mother's wedding china was a wonderful gift. She wrapped the plate back up and put it back in the box. "Thank you both so very much. This means so much to me." She smiled as she moved on.

She reached over to where the gifts were. People had been being sneaky and pushing the gifts towards her whenever it looked like she wouldn't be able to reach the next one. This gift was in a long, slender gift bag. Her first thought was a bottle of wine. But then the tag said it was from Ivan. Her grin was huge.

She reached into the bottle and slid out the bottle of Vodka that was inside. It was a nice fancy bottle with some Russian writing on it. She couldn't read the Russian, but she could read the important parts. They were in English. She could see it said Vodka, and it was dated 1894. On Earth it was 2009. Old company.

She smiled as she placed the bottle back in the bag and looked up at Ivan. "Ivan, it's wonderful, thank you. You will join me for a drink won't you?" It was going to be a wonderful treat. She smiled when he nodded and smiled at her. She looked at Ha'Ruil and smiled. "You're going to love this." She kissed him softly.

When she opened the next box her eyes got as big around as saucers. "Oh Shamus, they're lovely." She didn't own a pair of nunchucks. She had several weapons in her arsenal, but this was the first pair of nunchucks. She smiled as she marked it in the book and set them aside. She was going to have fun with those.

The next box was another large one. It was from Venis. She opened it up and saw the box. She opened her mouth wide and drew in a deep breath. "Oh wow, thank you Venis. It's so pretty." This one would be big enough for even her tiara's.

She marked it down in the book and moved on. She saw an envelope on the table, so she grabbed it up next. She laughed when she pulled out the contents. Of course it would be Andrew who would get her a Beer of the Month subscription. "Andrew, you goof ball." She chuckled as she marked it in the book.

There were only two packages left. And the closest one was the biggest one of the night. It was from Emilia. So she couldn't open it in front of the kids. But she could unwrap it, right? So she peeked under the paper. When she saw that there was no decoration to the outside of the box she unwrapped it.

It was the biggest toy chest she had ever seen. She knew what would be inside, after all, it was Emilia. So what else could she do but bust up laughing. "Oh dear God's Em, what kinda girl do you take me for? This is huge." It was funny to say the least. She almost couldn't wait to get back to her room so she could see just what exactly took up this kind of space and how much of it.

She marked it in the book and reached for the last box. It wasn't as big as Emilia's, thank the God's. But knowing Seleen, she had to wonder. She hadn't been told not to open it here, so off came the paper. She saw the box, read the box, and busted up laughing. "Oh God's." She wasn't sure if or when she would use it.

Her family and friends must think her to be some kind of freak. Her and Ha'Ruil weren't doing those kinds of things yet. But they were making sure that the thoughts crossed her mind. "Thank you, you guys." She marked it down in the book, Kama Sutra gift.

With all the gifts opened and marked in the book she was ready for some more food. "I'm still hungry." She got up and walked over to make herself another plate and to refill her soda. She would ask Ha'Ruil to fill her drink, but never something like fix her plate. He wasn't her servant and she would never treat him as one.

The rest of the night consisted of family and friends eating and drinking and having a good time. DJ and Iluvenis headed back through the portal to go to bed, Isah and Jason took them back. everyone else stayed well into the early morning hours. Everyone was having such a good time, that no one wanted to leave.

All things considered, save for the tears, Tasha was thrilled with how her Birthday turned out. She was hugging every one as they left and was talking peoples ears off. Soon, it was down to Venis, Casie, Ha'Ruil and herself. "Want some help with the clean-up?" As expected, they said no. So they left Venis and Casie there.

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Re: Happy 34th Tasha (Open to party goers from the other party)

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Tue Sep 22, 2009 2:19 am

Everyone was having a great time as people were sneaking around to thank Venis and Casie, and even Ha'Ruil for a great party before they showed Tasha some love and left for the night. Back to the Tel'Ranaemyn Inn with them. Tasha and Ha'Ruil were the last to leave. Which left Venis and Casie to clean up. Which was not a problem.

Just as fast as the ball room was decorated, it was undecorated. And a floating bubble of decorations was sent to Venis' room through the portal. she looked at Casie and grinned. "Wanna go explore before we go back." She laughed. It wasn't like they had dates, or hubby's to hurry home to. They had time. Kahn was still out after all.

When Cas smiled and nodded, the two headed out of the ball room. "Top to bottom, or bottom to top?" She had to know which button to push once they got in the elevator they had found. Had to know which button to push to get it there to begin with too. She wasn't sure if they were going to get in trouble for exploring or not, but she would risk it.

Casie said it made more sense to go from top to bottom so that they didn't have to go back down extra floors to leave again. So Venis hit the up button. The elevator doors opened and they stepped inside. The highest floor number was five, so that's what was pressed. There was a slight jolt as the elevator began to move upwards.

When the doors opened on the fifth floor, they stepped out. There were not many doors on this floor. They traveled the hall. Venis smiled. "This one is empty, and unlocked Should we peek in?" Casie was the voice of reason. She suggested they find the Inn Keeper. So they ended up heading down to the first floor after all to find him.

Once they had the Inn Keeper with them, they explored all three floors of rooms, seeing a sample room on each floor. They had already seen the ball room. He showed them around the first floor where the bar was and other such things. He even took them down to the basement. The basement had a lot in it, Venis was quite surprised.

They skipped the gardens, but saw the hot springs, and even saw one of the stables. It was huge. And all of this had Venis convinced. If they found that they had to move, it would be to here. She was sure that Casie would agree. Though further from Claremount, it was closer to the Keep. And the view from the top floor ...

This Inn could be protected easier than the other one given it's location atop a mountain. Plus, she cold see the rooftop of Tel'Ranaemyn from the balcony of room 501. So she decided to ask for a reservation. After all, she had already felt some of the army's presence in Rhy'Din. It was always better to be safe than sorry.

So she spoke to the Inn keeper. She reserved room 501, plus two rooms on the fourth floor and asked for special sleeping arraignments. Those were for the men. She asked for three more fourth floor rooms to be held and one more fifth floor room, just in case. She smiled at Casie. "Better to save you a room in case you need it."

Once the reservations were made, Venis opened a portal to take them back to Tel'Ranaemyn. Casie came into Venis' room with her and helped her pack things back into their trunks before saying goodnight and heading across the hall to her room. Venis headed to bed herself. It was exactly one month later when those reservations were needed.

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Re: Happy 34th Tasha (Open to party goers from the other party)

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