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Rules for Spars and Fighting

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Rules for Spars and Fighting Empty Rules for Spars and Fighting

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:57 am

Rules and Regulations for the Sparring Area:

Most spars in the Sparring Area would be done with dice. As this is the preferred method of most of our players. But there are those who would prefer to use the Turn Based Logic, or TBL method. For this reason, we will include the general rules for both types of spars.

How to spar with dice:
To spar, or fight, with dice you type out your post and hit preview. Once there you will find a key that has a dice on it. It's located above the text box. When you hit that key it gives you a drop down that says TARGET. Click on that and it will place roll="Target"/roll into your post, except it would be bracketed like this [ Target stuff][roll stuff]. Place the number of dice you want to roll in between the two sets of brackets like so [...]2[...]. When you hit send it will put your dice rolls under the words of your post. If you hit preview again it will show you one total, but when you hit send, it will give you a different one than the preview. And it won't always be a better roll. So be sure that you have your post ready and then hit send without previewing again.

Healers will use a different manner of posting their dice. They use the dice option below the text box. And it is 1d for non magic healing and 2d for magic healing done by usually non magic healers, and 3d for those who use nothing but magic to heal. Their dice rolls will pop up automatically as a post from the Admin that follows their posts.

The rules for a spar will always be laid out before the spar at the beginning of the thread. But there are rules that cannot be changed for any spar.

1. When in a spar, those with higher dice will automatically lower their dice to be even with the lowest level person in the spar. Yes, that means that if a God spars against a human, they spar like a human. Spars are supposed to be friendly fights.

2. Spars will always be fought in the Sparring Area. The only exceptions to this would be if the participants are out of doors. We don't want the Inn trashed because people were sparing in the halls or something.

3. Always follow the guidelines of the spar. If you're having a water gun fight, don't suddenly throw a fireball at someone. Stay within the perimeters set fourth and agreed upon before the spar begins.

The rules for fighting are slightly different. But they are also unbreakable.

1. Fighting in the Inn is frowned upon. But if a fight breaks out, we suggest trying to get the combatants to the sparring area or out of doors if possible. "You wanna take this out side?" or "You wanna take this downstairs?" are good things to say before a fight escalates to physical violence.

2. A fight between two beings is not a friendly spar, and for that reason, it is not necessary for the being with more power, and therefor higher dice, to reduce themselves to the level of the other combatant(s). But please do not blatantly cheat either. It does not take a dragon to defeat a human.

3. No one is allowed to kill anyone else, unless the mun says it's allowed. If your character requires a death match, consult Venis-mun about getting them to the Death Pool. This rule does not apply to beings that are food. Food can be killed, that is their purpose. Even if they choose to put up a fight.

The dice are given according to power levels. The dice are automatically set to 10 sides. The only change is in the number of dice. Humans and other such 'mortal' beings roll 2d10. Elves, humans with combat training that can be proven, humans with a weapons specialty, omega and beta lycanthropes, and other long lived but not 'immortal' beings will roll 3d10. Vampires, alpha lycanthropes, elves with extra abilities, and other similar beings will roll 4d10. Demi-Gods, those who use The Source for their power, and certain other beings who have special exceptions or powers who are close to actual immortal rather than long lived will roll 5d10. Gods, dragons, and other beings with certain abilities, those who are considered nearly indestructible, omnipotent, or closer to actual immortal will roll 6d10.

Anyone who objects to these rules or feels that their character should be at a different dice level are welcome to discuss it with the Admin and the Moderator(s). We are striving to be as fair as possible. But no one is perfect, so feel free to state your case. But please do so in private messages, not public posts.

We have included a hit chart for the convenience of our players. We will also post the hit chart in a locked post in the sparring area at the top of the list of dice assignments of the Inn residents.
1 - 10 = 0 hit points
11 - 20 = 1 hit point
21 -30 = 2 hit points
31 - 40 = 3 hit points
41 - 50 = 4 hit points
51 - 60 = 5 hit points

When your character is hit, make sure that you post your characters damages accordingly at the start of posting their return hit. And do so fairly. A roll of 55 is definitely something worse than a broken nail. Don't try to win by reporting lesser damage than what a hit would have done.

What is TBL?
basic idea is to use logic to fight. You do not have to out time or
type the other player, your hit or your escape just has to make more

Most people in this pull on the six second rule,
which is how many actions a character can do in six seconds. A few
table top RPers might recognize this rule as being the length of a
single round, which it is.

There are only so many things a
character can do in six seconds and six seconds is sometimes longer or
sometimes shorter than people think. Things which might be pulled off
in a full round (six seconds) are; casting a spell, using a breath
weapon, mounting a horse, drawing a weapon, changing shape, summoning a
familiar, attacking with all attacks, firing a single bolt from a
crossbow, and many others.

As with anything, however, there are
exceptions. Some creatures have spells which they can cast as what is
called a free action. It takes them a fraction of a second to pull off
the spell, normally a thought or a gesture, that it's not considered
time consuming. Of course, as good role players, such spells are
limited in number of times it can be used. Other things might be a
warrior who is skilled with a sword can quick draw their weapon, making
it become a free action. Or maybe the same warrior has practices
mounting their mount in a hurry and can do so in under six seconds.
Generally, higher level characters should be able to attack more often
in a single round than a lower level character, but there are
exceptions. Just use common sense in this and keep the idea of what can
my character, with his or her skills, do in six seconds?

people will insist that they can get out of anything and there are
others who will insist everything hits. You, as a player, do not have
to put up either. However, do not become one of the two sorts, and if
you are being, people will tell you. There is no one way to deal with
moders. Sometimes they can be outsmarted, sometimes out played,
sometimes you can make them mad enough OOC they leave. Just, whatever
you do, play fair.

Character 1:
::she would take the hit hard, her body being knocked into the
air, turning over once before she hit the ground. She forced her body
to not roll, instead skidding along her side. Her left hand closed
tightly around her sword, trying to keep it posed in his direction if he
should attack her while she was on the ground. Her breath came in
heavy gasps as wide eyes looked to him past the weapon::_
Character 2:
::he watched her fly away and then would smirk as she hit the
ground. His hand came down to his side as he started to walk toward
her, in no big hurry. His hands gripped tightly around his weapons,
sword in one hand, and dagger in the other. His starry blue cloak
fluttered softly behind him::_
Character 1:
::She rose slowly to her feet as he came toward her, her leather armor
creaking in protest as she rose. Her hands were shaking from the shock
of pain, but she was surprising it in her mind. Her hand closed tightly
around the hilt of her sword as she rose it in the air above her. A
yell would strip past her lips as she summoned the last of her energy to
charge him::

In both forms of sparing and fighting, we ask that you keep in mind the general rules of the board. No moding, God-moding, or power gaming. For definitions of these things, see the What is Modding post included here in the Inn F.A.Q. section. We want everyone to enjoy their time RPing here and don't wish for anyone to come away with ill feelings or hurt feelings. So please abide by these rules.

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