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In search of Gwen <open>

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In search of Gwen <open> - Page 2 Empty Re: In search of Gwen <open>

Post by Gwendolan on Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:45 am

Gwen smiled as Inion approached and asked for permission to ride. Empyrean took the apple from her hand and touched her head with the tip of his horn. Rapture did the same thing and bowed her head just a little bit.

She watched as Inion's back was loaded with the other items and climbed into the saddle. She hated to make them use the heavy leather seats but Manny insisted on Gwen using one on long rides. Gwen could fall asleep riding if she was tired so Manny worried. She didn't want him to worry so she used the saddle.

She spoke gently to the unicorns.

"We need to go to the Keep."

She let the reigns loose and Empyrean and Rapture turned and left the stable walking toward the Inn. They began picking up speed as they neared the cliff. There was a bright light that came from the horns as they jumped off the cliff. Instead off falling they went through a portal and came out the other side at a gallop stopping about fifty feet from the main gates to the keep.

The time between the unicorns jumping and opening the portal to them landing that close to the main gates was almost instant. Gwen had not been prepared for it. She could feel the magic being used she saw it expended through the horns. She could see the portal open. It was more like a rip in a piece of fabric. On one side was the cliffs of the Inn; on the other the gates of the keep.

As soon as they were on the other side the rip repaired itself. Gwen felt a bit cold but sweaty at the same time. She wondered if Inion saw it as well. She turned to look at her and smiled.

"Welcome to Le loup est protégé Conserver."

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